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‘OutDaughtered’: Underwater Hazel Busby Looks Like A Mermaid

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OutDaughtered fans have loved watching the Busby quints grow and develop into their own unique personalities. Each of the girls has their own strengths and struggles. This is especially so for little red-haired Hazel Busby, who, over the years quickly became a fan favorite. A recent picture of Hazel has social media users praising her water skills Read on to see the photo and find out about what fans said about this blooming Busby.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Hazel Busby Learns To Swim

Last summer, Adam and Danielle spent some time with their kiddos in the pool teaching them to swim. Adam, being the doting father that he was, equipped himself with a GoPro and a selfie stick and got some amazing footage of the day. Mom and Dad hired a swim instructor to help them with the endeavor of teaching the quints to swim. This particular video, however, focused on Hazel as she learned to navigate the waters.  The video would later get posted to the family’s Youtube channel where it would amass more than  1.7 million views in just under a year.

Throughout the fun, feel-good family clip, fans get to watch Hazel as she dives and doggy paddles through the water like a champ. Mom and Dad are there to cheer her on. The sole red-haired quint looks absolutely gleeful as she paddles around the pool in her special water-friendly goggles.

A Beautiful Mermaid

Everyone who loves OutDaughtered tends to have a favorite quint. And, as you would expect – there is a huge number of viewers who absolutely adore Hazel. She is super smart, determined and despite her health challenges, she has thrived and continues to shine and stand out even in a family of 8.

So, as you would expect, there are social media fan pages dedicated to the various quints, including little Hazel Busby. One of the fan pages posted a photo that they credit directly to the Busbys. It was a gorgeous snap of Hazel during swim lessons. The photo was clearly a still from the video that Adam had taken as it featured Hazel underwater while she was swimming.

Photo Credit: Instagram

In the snap, Hazel’s curly red hair streamed out in the water all around her. She wore her adorable sky blue polka dot swim outfit and looked up from underneath the sun shone behind her, making her eyes sparkle and her red hair shimmer out like fire. Fans fell in love with the snap instantly and left comment after comment about how Hazel looked like a tiny, beautiful mermaid.

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