Will ‘MBFFL’ Return For Season 10? Whitney Way Thore Reveals Fate

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Will the TLC show MBFFL return for Season 10? Star Whitney Way Thore reveals the fate of the long-running reality show. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

MBFFL Season 9 features new suitor

The new season of MBFFL sees Whitney Way Thore falling in love again after the end of her engagement. As Season 8 viewers know, Thore’s engagement to Chase Severino came to an end after he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. Despite the heartbreaking split, the former couple seems to be on good terms, with Severino even making an appearance in Season 9.

However, their romantic relationship is done and Whitney is moving on. After joining a language app for help learning French, the MBFFL star developed a crush on her French tutor.

The feeling was mutual and the two kick off a long-distance relationship. In the episode airing Tuesday, October 26, Whitney is devastated when her French beau can’t get into the US to meet her.

So far, he’s appeared on video chat, but his face is always blurred for his own privacy. If the show returns to TLC for another season, could fans finally see the mysterious man’s face?

TLC star reveals where she’d be without reality show

Whitney Way Thore loves engaging with her fans on social media. She recently hosted a question-and-answer session on her Instagram Stories. The topic was to ask her anything about her life before she got TV famous.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

One fan wanted to know Whitney’s thoughts on where she would be if TLC never came calling for a reality show. Before reality show fame, Thore was an on-air producer at a radio station in North Carolina.

In 2014, a video of “A Fat Girl Dancing” went viral. The girl was Whitney Way Thore. As national talk shows picked up the story, TLC met with Whitney to create a “sizzle reel” that ultimately led to a full season of MBFFL. The show is still going strong, but for how much longer?

As for where she’d be without the show, Whitney speculates that she would still be working at the radio station with “sexist, racist a**holes.” Yikes!

Whitney Way Thore reveals if MBFFL will return for Season 10

It doesn’t sound like Whitney wants to return to the radio station. However, she also revealed on her IG Stories that her reality show days are numbered. What does that mean for the TLC show?

According to the star of MBFFL, Season 10 is a go. When a fan asked why her poodle isn’t appearing on the show anymore, Whitney dropped the fate of MBFFL. She said that her rescue dog was originally nervous with crew members in the house.

However, she further revealed that Neeshi has “blossomed a lot” since then. “We’ll see how she does next season,” Thore wrote.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

While TLC has yet to comment, Whitney Way Thore just revealed that MBFFL will return for Season 10.

How do you feel about another season of My Big Fat Fab Life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss Season 9 of MBFFL, airing Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. I swear if whitney thor doesn’t get hired again i will b upset with your choices. She is amazing my opinion probably doesnt matter jus dont take her off the air.

  2. I can’t wait for Season 10…are you kidding been watching since Season 1. I love Whitney, her family, her circle of friends..ppl like this us hard to find..I’m bummed out I finish Season 9 and it went do fast..please say Season 10 will be soon..Your such a great inspiration to us all Whitney!! We love you!! ❤

  3. Let this show die its natural death already. I started out loving Whitney & her lifestyle but after a good while it got old and we began to see more and more of Whitney’s true persona which is loud & vulgar! For all her intelligence she falls for guys online and believes whatever crap they fill her head with and unless she has a real love-life, gets married and has a baby, there is nowhere for the plot of her show to go, just more of her pushy “look at me” antics. Au Revoir Whitney, let your “true love” translate that for you…..

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