Kate Hudson Bares It All For Breast Cancer [See Photo]


Award-winning actress, Kate Hudson made her followers do a double take on Monday when she posted a super sexy snap on her Instagram. The 42-year old Hollywood veteran is proving that you are never too old to own your sexy and she’s doing it all for a good cause. Read on to find out what cause has Kate showing off her skivvies.

Never Too Busy For A Good Cause

While you may not see her on the screen as much as you used to, Kate Hudson is still a busy woman. Between her duties as Co-founder of Fabletics and running her King St. Vodka brand, this mother-of-two definitely has enough on her plate. Somehow, the golden-haired celeb still makes time to be an awesome human and support amazing causes.

Hudson recently posted a picture on Instagram that definitely put a halt on her followers’ feed scroll. In the snap, Kate poses in nothing but a thinly padded bra and sheer pair of ornate lace panties. Unlike most celebrities, Kate did not use this opportunity to share a sensual, finely edited photo of her puckering at the camera in lingerie. In fact, this spunky celeb did the exact opposite.

Kate Hudson Is Kicking It To Cancer

In her post, she reminds her followers that October is breast cancer awareness month. She proclaims that she is “stretching out her quads” before joining forces with ThirdLove and Kit Undergarments as they “kick it to cancer.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kate’s lingerie pieces are from Kit Undergarments and she wears them in support of the brand’s current charity promotion. The company is donating a percentage of their #kitstokickcancer collection to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund.

In her photo, Kate is posed against her closet doors. Her hair is in a high ponytail. She is wearing her glasses and, in addition to her lingerie set, the actress is sporting a pair of white leather boots with a pointed toe and dangerously spiked heel. Kate is pulling her leg up behind her in a classic quad stretch as she eyeballs down the camera with a serious, get-down-to-business look on her face.

Photo Credit: Instagram

If you’d like to check out the #kitstokickcancer collab you can find all the info you need on their website. You can also check out their customers’ posts showing off the collection by searching the hashtag on social media.

You can also catch Kate in her latest series, Truth Be Told, now streaming on Apple TV.

Nikki Desrosiers

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