Amber Portwood’s Ex Andrew Glennon Accuses Her Of Drug Abuse, Demands Hair Follicle Test

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Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is under fire once again. Portwood’s ex and baby daddy Andrew Glennon is making some pretty serious accusations against the MTV reality star.

Glennon is claiming that Portwood is abusing drugs, naming meth as the real issue. He is also demanding that Amber submits to a hair follicle drug test. According to The Sun, Portwood and Glennon’s court case is about to get very ugly. Not only is Andrew claiming that Amber is using meth currently, he claims she abused drugs while she was pregnant with the former couple’s son James.

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Amber Portwood denies Andrew Glennon accusations

Is Andrew Unnecessisarily Harassing Amber Portwood?

Amber Portwood continues to deny drug use and the majority of Andrew’s ugly accusations. Andrew is demanding that Amber submits to the hair follicle drug test. He adds that he has good reason to believe Portwood is using. Court documents reveal Glennon claims he is witness to her displaying paranoid behavior during a recent custody exchange.

Glennon adds that Portwood has a long history of drug abuse, even while pregnant. He also adds, per the court documents that Amber has even abused drugs while caring for their minor child. Amber responded to the accusations denying all of Glennon’s claims. Andrew details an October 16 custody exchange alleging Amber’s behavior was erratic, she was speaking frantically, and appeared paranoid and disheveled.

Andrew adds that Portwood claimed that two nearby vehicles were staking her out. She even went as far as waving down a nearby father asking him to tell the two vehicles to “stop staking her out.” He also adds that he has witnessed Amber under the influence of illegal drugs, specifically meth. He claims that Portwood’s behavior on October 16, 2021, was substantially similar to previous episodes.

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Amber Portwood Denies Drug Accusations

Court docs also reveal that Amber Portwood recently posted a video to Instagram revealing very dilated pupils, with several of her followers noticing and commenting on. Amber is very angry about Glennon’s accusations and reveals she has “never failed a drug test.” She also adds that she has not used any substances other than prescriptions, and then only in therapeutic limits.

She is requesting that Andrew Glennon’s motions be denied, or that both parties submit to hair follicle testing at Glennon’s expense. The Sun adds that they have reached out to Portwood’s reps for comment, but so far have yet to receive a response. This news comes just days after Portwood claims she is trying to recover her relationship with her daughter Leah. She claims she is only making positive changes to her life and knows it will take time before she restores Leah’s trust and faith in her.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon’s custody case is taking nasty turns. The two each claim they are buckling down for an all-out war with this one.

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