Raven Gates Gottschalk Celebrates Baby With ‘Bachelor’ Friends

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Raven Gates Gottschalk is getting ready to celebrate the birth of her first child. She met Adam Gottschalk and fell in love with him on Bachelor in Paradise. Now they are having a honeymoon baby. The two tied the knot in April of this year after Coronavirus postponed their 2020 wedding. The Arkansas native shared they are having a boy with a cute pumpkin picture. The pumpkin has a cutout heart with a blue pumpkin inside.

Her bestie from the beach, Tia Booth shared a pretty picture of the two of them on Instagram. She said, “my little baby mama. I’ve been inspired by this gal since the day we met, and it’s wild to think I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.” Raven responded, “you’re going to make me cry. I love you sister.” Fans love their friendship. One said, “My 2 favorites to ever be on the bachelor.” Another said, ” I have always admired your friendship. You two could pass for sisters.”

Other Bachelor In Paradise Stars Came Too

Tia Booth also shared pictures of Raven Gates Gottschalk’s decor. Large letters spelled out the word baby in bright lights with lots of blue balloons. Other BIP and Bachelor nation stars also showed up to show their love.

Amanda Stanton said it best on her Instagram. She said, “from BIP to Baby G (ahh I’m cheesy) took the quickest trip to Dallas to shower Raven Gates.” Raven responded it meant the world for her to come. This got people on Instagram to start trying to figure out what the babies’ name was going to be. Half the comments said it’s simply because of Raven’s maiden name.

According to Us Weekly, Amanda also shared a picture with Alexis Waters saying it was good to see her there as well. Raven said it meant the world to her that Amanda came.

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Raven Gates Gottschalk Had More Than Just Bachelor Reality Stars

Raven Gates Gottschalk didn’t just have people show up from Bachelor nation. Jessica Nickson from Big Brother also came. She shared a picture and said the couple is meant to be parents. Nickson continued, “with their kind-hearted nature, they’re going to raise the best little humans.” She also tagged @baby.gottschalk and said, “you’re one lucky little man.”

She shared more pictures which included a gorgeous cake covered in white rose, blue sprinkled donuts, and blue and white glitter cupcakes. The baby’s account has a cute picture of their dog Boaz with a book that says, “You’re in Good Paws.” The caption says, “we know Boaz is going to be the BEST big brother. He’s already doing his homework as you can see.” What do you think about Raven’s baby shower? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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