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Lexi Wilson Reacts To ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 6 Reunion

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Below Deck Med star Lexi Wilson had to have the final say. As fans know, the Season 6 reunion took place on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last Monday night. Each of the crew members shared their experience with the controversial stew. Bosun Malia White and Katie Flood exclaimed that she was edited well.

According to them, her behavior was much worse than what viewers saw. Lexi promised to tell her side of the story after this season. Now that it’s wrapped up, she can finally speak her peace. However, she refused to attend the reunion when granted an invite.

Below Deck Med crew reveals all about Lexi

Most of the drama that took place this season had to do with Chef Mathew Shea or stew Lexi Wilson. The two often argued with one another and their fellow crew members. There was the infamous hot tub fight, which happened early on in the season. Then there was the crew day off when Mathew and Lexi used derogatory language towards one another.

Inevitably, Lexi’s words were used against her. While she was missing from the reunion, she certainly wasn’t forgotten. Host Andy Cohen wanted to know all the details about that infamous fight and other mishaps. Her former crew members had a lot to say about her.

[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
However, Lexi Wilson wasn’t there to defend herself. Some fans found it unfair that they were talking about her behind her back.  Mzi Dempers made a shocking claim that she called him “Afrikaans” during their fight. He also claimed that Lexi said on Instagram that he “wanted to be white” and didn’t “support Black people.”

Lexi took to social media to defend herself. She claims that her former crew members only wanted their few minutes of fame. The Miss Bahama queen claimed that they mistreated her this season. She blamed the show for making her the villain.

Lexi Wilson speaks out on social media instead

The Below Deck Med alum refused to show up to the reunion because of how she was treated. Lexi Wilson did not hold back on her feelings about bosun Malia White. During her Instagram Q&A, she shared that the cast member is tight-knit with production. So tight-knit that she feeds them information.

“Malia ‘Maritime Law’ is an insider for production, she [intentionally] and maliciously tries to get information about the crew and influence them to drink, anything to stay on their good side and stay on TV,” Lexi Wilson wrote in her Instagram Story.

[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
In the past, Lexi claimed that Malia used this season to rehab her image. She also claimed that the aspiring captain only cared about the death of her father to make herself appear better on the show. Last season, Malia received backlash for reporting former chief stew Hannah Ferrier to Captain Sandy Yawn for unregistered Valium onboard and getting her fired. While Below Deck Med is over, the drama isn’t over for Lexi.

What are your thoughts? Do you side with the crew or Lexi? Sound off below in the comments.

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  1. Lexi was verbally and physically abusive (and drunk)to most of her co-workers.She is grieving her dad’s loss so in pain but I am surprised she does not have regrets and apologies for them once hone with some perspective.

  2. Lexi was a lazy entitled arrogant waste of air.

    The show did not make her a villain simply because they showed her actions.

    But no one should be surprised that Lexi would blame someone else.

    She is clearly a gold digger for sale to the highest bidder!

  3. Lexi has a truly high opinion if herself. Unless you are Royalty, you are below her. I voukdnt believe she lasted that long. She us an inherently evil person. Glad shes gone hope her notiriety humbkes her a bit but doubt it will…hopefully ut will bite her when she goes for another job…

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