Justin Duggar Desperate For Cash After ‘Counting On’ Cancelation?

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Justin Duggar may be joining several of his other siblings who are exploring new ways to pay the bills after their family’s show, Counting On was canceled this spring. For years, the Duggars have been on TLC. They have had a few shows, as well as specials, bringing in a lot of money. However, with the show ending, as a result of Josh Duggar’s arrest earlier this year, the cash flow has stopped.

Fans and critics assume that this must be a big shock to the family who has relied on money from TLC for a long time now. Following the cancellation, Jessa Seewald began making more YouTube videos. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo began heavily promoting their book. Abbie Duggar started a clothing resale shop online. Several members of the family have also picked up partnerships with brands in exchange for money, commission, or free products.

Now, Justin is giving a couple of new business ideas a shot.

Justin Duggar House Instagram
Justin Duggar Instagram

Justin Duggar reveals two new income sources.

As we reported, Justin has recently purchased a house in Texas. His mother-in-law Hilary Spivey revealed that the home is a “flipper.” So, Justin is going to renovate the home, list it, and attempt to make a profit. This is something that other Duggars have done before, so Justin is familiar with the process.

Following in his siblings’ footsteps, Justin has also started his own YouTube channel with his wife, Claire. The couple added the channel’s links to their Instagram accounts. So far, they’ve uploaded a couple of videos from their weddings. If their channel grows, they can monetize it so they get income from people watching their videos and ads.

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Would he have been on Counting On anyway?

It’s also worth noting that Justin and his wife Claire now live in Texas. Claire’s family is from Texas, while Justin and the rest of his family live in Arkansas. Surprisingly, Justin and Claire decided to settle down in Texas after their wedding in February.

Because the rest of the Duggars, with the exception of Jinger and Jeremy, live in Arkansas, much of the filming for Counting On has taken place there. The crew did travel to Los Angeles, California to film Jeremy and Jinger for the show. So, it’s possible that Justin and Claire would have been on the show. But there’s also a chance that they didn’t want to be too involved in the show because they didn’t stay in Arkansas. So, maybe they weren’t planning on relying on revenue from the show anyway.

If that’s the case, the couple might have wanted to try YouTube, flipping houses, and more as ways to make money, regardless of the status of the show.

So, do you think that Justin Duggar might have started his YouTube channel and begun flipping houses because the show has ended? Or do you think he chose to do these things for another reason? Let us know in the comments section below.

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