Duggar Courtship Update: Who’s Courting Now & Who Might Be Next?

Jill Dillard Instagram (Duggar Courtship)

It’s been a little while since there has been a Duggar courtship update, and fans are curious about who’s courting and who might enter a courtship in the near future. So, who’s currently dating? Which of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s kids are of courting age?

Which Duggars are already in courtships?

At the moment, there are a couple of Duggar kids rumored to be in courtships. However, these rumors haven’t been confirmed by the family, so it’s unclear whether they are actually dating or not. There have been several photos of Jeremiah Duggar getting close with Hannah Wissmann. Fans even think that Jeremiah will soon propose to Hannah. 

Jana Duggar is also rumored to be courting Stephen Wissmann. The two were pictured together multiple times, but no one in the family has said whether they are truly dating.

No courtships have been confirmed by the family at this point. So, fans don’t know for sure who is or isn’t courting.

Jana Duggar Instagram
Jana Duggar Instagram

Who could be courting next?

In the Duggar family, the kids start courting or get married when they are in their early twenties. Some have even gotten married at 18, though. So, anyone 18 or older could be in a courtship. The Duggars possibly courting include:

Jackson will turn 18 in May 2022. So, while he isn’t quite 18, he could be courting now or soon and just wait to propose.

In an anonymous confession sent into Duggar Bates Confessions, a fan revealed who they believe might be in a courtship next. There are several members of the family who are of courting age and could be in a relationship very soon.

The confession post reads, “I think it’s either James, Jason, or Jeremiah next in line to get married by the next upcoming year. Like I’m sure we will see a surprise Duggar wedding in the months of March-June 2022.”

In the comments section of the post, fans are sharing similar sentiments. One fan thinks that there could be multiple weddings next year. They write, “I’ll put money on all three at some point in 2022.”

Someone else writes, “Considering the rest are either married or under 18 besides Jana…you’re probably right that one of those three will be next.” 

Duggar Bates Confessions
Duggar Bates Confessions

So, who do you think might enter a courtship next? Do you think that Jeremiah or Jana is courting, or do you feel like it’s all speculation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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