’90 Day Fiance’ Paola Mayfield Issues Warning To The ‘Other Woman’

90 Day Fiance Credit: Paola Mayfield IG

Former 90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield is taking a stand. Amidst talks she and her husband, Russ were having marital problems, Paola is standing up for herself. She is reinventing and rebranding, going back to a more natural look. However, she is letting social media know she is still a force to be reckoned with.

Paola’s 90 Day Fiance History and Beyond

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield - Russ Mayfield
90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield – Russ Mayfield

Viewers were first introduced to Paola and Russ in Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance. The couple met at a party in Colombia where Paola is originally from. Russ was working as an engineer and the two fell in love. Initially, they moved to Oklahoma together and tied the knot. Sadly, Russ lost his job not long after marrying Paola. She then decided she wanted to pursue her modeling and personal training career. This would take her to Miami leaving him behind in Oklahoma.

He followed a short time after but was not too thrilled with what his wife was wearing on shoots. She actually did pretty well with her career but family came first when she became pregnant. The two welcomed their first child, Axel in 2019. They did continue with their 90 Day career appearing on the first four seasons of Happily Ever After?

Additionally, Paola tried her hand at wrestling under the moniker of Paola Blaze and owns an online private coaching business. Though life was going great professionally, personally, things were crumbling. Russ and Paola were facing marital struggles and no one knew if they would or could recover.

Paola Struggles With Her Marriage, Takes Life Back

In August, Paola posted a tweet to her Instagram. It referred to her lack of photos with Russ. The couple had been struggling for some time, according to her rep and ScreenRant. Moreso, it seems Russ was unemployed leading Paola to be the main breadwinner. Yet, it appears there may have been a third party involved and now Paola is taking her power back.

Credit: Paola Mayfield IG
Credit: Paola Mayfield IG

Long gone is the colorful hair of years past and back is the brunette bombshell. She posted four photos of herself in an olive green strapless romper and hat. Classy and she had a message. She mentions a girl who “tried to get in the middle.” It is unclear who she is referring to but her followers had her back. “Why women will try to ruin other women’s relationships I will never understand. Team Pao,” one commented.

Credit: Paola Mayfield IG
Credit: Paola Mayfield IG

Another chimed in with: “Here’s a hair tie, I’ll hold your earrings.” It seems Paola is making some big changes in her life. Prior to this post, she shared she is no longer Paola Blaze but rather Mayfield. What do you think of her marriage drama? Can the 90 Day Fiance couple make it work or is it a lost cause?



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