‘Home Town’: The Napier Family’s Bunny Escapes, Found Months Later

The family from Home Town just got a little more complete! Erin Napier and Ben Napier’s family suffered a tragic loss when Helen’s, the Napier’s daughter, bunny, Madison, escaped. While playing outside in the backyard, Madison slipped through a hole in the fence. The bunny had gotten out and escaped. Luckily, Madison suddenly reappeared in their backyard. This happened a whole four months after she had escaped!

On Saturday, Erin posted a funny photo of Ben holding Madison with the caption explaining what happened. She talks about how Madison slipped through the fence and how they looked everywhere for her. She then says, “This morning, our director, [Kirk Durham], found her hopping down our street and [Ben] brought her home. Miracle bunny.” This must’ve been such a relief for the family! After four months of being gone, the Napier family must’ve given Madison quite a few extra treats.

More Good Things For This Family

This wasn’t the only good thing that happened to this family this year. The blessings continue to pour into the Napier family and their ever-growing reality television presence. The Napier couple has become one of HGTV’s top stars. This is due to the tremendous success of their original HGTV reality show, Home Town, and their different spin-offs. These spin-offs include Home Town Takeover and Discovery+’s Home Town: Ben’s Workshop. Ben’s Workshop was also picked up for a second season. At the very same time, Home Town was officially renewed for its sixth season.

In the main Home Town series, the Napiers can be seen restoring homes in Laurel, Mississippi. This town of about 18,000 people is located in southern Mississippi. It is the second county seat of Jones County. Laurel is definitely lucky to have the Napier family restoring homes there in their small town.

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The Napier Family’s Priorities

Not only that, fans have been able to watch their family grow over the years. This itself gave the show most of its appeal. Fans who watch the show know that to the Napiers, family always comes first before anything else. Erin even said once, “Nothing is more important than our daughter and making her our priority and our friends and our family who’ve been there way before there was a TV show.” This is just part of the wholesomeness of the reality TV Napier family. It shows how genuine the family truly is and how the show is not their main priority in life.

With that being said, the Napier family is excited for the sixth season of Home Town. Erin posted a photo of the couple saying “Day one of season SIX!.” She thanked the fans for watching and making the show possible. “Home Town is not just about renovations, it’s about the power of community,” HGTV president Jane Latman stated when the show was renewed.

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