‘Teen Mom‘ Jade Cline Oozes Sexy Barbie Vibes: See Pics

Jade CLine

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast member Jade Cline is working on herself. This reality mom has never been one of the most beloved cast members. In fact, viewers have been constantly critical of her obsession with her looks. Now, the celeb has done the work to make sure the person she sees in the mirror is someone she likes. Still, fans are unimpressed.

Catching Up With Her Peers

Jade Cline has been a part of the Teen Mom franchise since 2017. She is one of the youngest members of the cast and, as such, has a lot of growing up to do.

Observations from fans show there seems to be a series of events and milestones that most of the cast members go through. Most of the girls at some point have a loser boyfriend/baby daddy. Most of them have on and off again relationships with said loser boyfriends. Additionally, most of them are obsessed with plastic surgery and changing their appearance.

Other than Chelsea, who swears she’s never had plastic surgery, (but loves a good Botox party)  all the ladies from Teen Mom have had some work done. From lip fillers to lipo, a good portion of MTV’s young celebrity moms have bodies built by money and doctors.

Jade Cline has put herself among those ranks this year. In just the last couple of months, the 24-year-old has gone under the knife not once, but twice. According to The Hollywood Gossip, in just the last few months, Jade has not only had a Brazilian butt-lift, but also some pretty heavy-handed liposuction.

Photo Credit: instagram

Jade Cline Swears She Hasn’t Had Implants

Teen Mom fans who follow Jade certainly got an eyeful recently when the reality star posted a series of photos that showed off her shocking new frame. This sassy celeb was wearing a slinky, pink bodycon dress with a cinch tie down the center. Due to the nature of the frock, it was easy to see that she was packing much more luggage in the overhead rack than before. The ultra low slung square neckline left very little of the celeb’s newly acquired assets to the imagination.

According to Jade, she certainly had augmentative surgery, but, contrary to the rumors she says that the fuller look was created by mobilizing fat from other areas of her body. Fans in her comments were quick to accuse the celeb of lying. They chose to believe that her new enhanced bust had to be due to implants.

Jade, however adamantly denies having ‘implants’ as she doesn’t seem to put them in the same category.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Jade insists that she did not have surgery to make her chest larger. Instead, she responded to viewers, saying that the fat was used to “even her out.” She reveals while they may appear “larger” they are still the same cup size, just a bit more shapely and more even.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Many viewers are putting the negative focus on the fact that she’s been getting so much work done. Thankfully, the surgeries seem to have tremendously boosted her confidence.  The young mom is now able to show off her body in a way that is pleasing to her. And, despite her critics, many die-hard fans came forward to show their support for Jade and boost her up.

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