GAC Family’s ‘An Autumn Romance’ Kicks Off Network’s Original Movies

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GAC Family is about to premiere their very first original movie. This movie is entitled An Autumn Romance. It stars Chad Michael Murray (Sand Dollar Cove), Jessica Lowndes (Mix Up In The Mediterranean), Dennis Andres (Star Trek: Discovery), Moni Ogunsuyi (The Umbrella Academy), and Michael Brown (Art of Falling In Love).

GAC Family was started by Hallmark’s ex-CEO Bill Abbott. This new network promises family-friendly entertainment. Moreover, this new network features actors and directors that romance movie fans know and love. This includes When Calls The Heart alums, Lori Loughlin and Daniel Lissing. Both will be on When Hope Calls Season 2: A Country Christmas Parts 1, 2. This will premiere on Saturday, December 18, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

In addition, Lissing will be starring in his own GAC Family Christmas movie. That is called A Christmas Star. This movie will air on Sunday, December 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

However, GAC Family is kicking off with a fall movie. Are you ready to learn more about An Autumn Romance?

What Is GAC Family’s An Autumn Romance About?

According to the GAC Family press release on An Autumn Romance, when Seattle-based librarian Taylor Harris (Lowndes) suddenly loses her job, she travels to Montana to visit her brother Craig (Andres) and his wife Christine (Ogunsuyi).

Immediately, she finds herself immersed in her brother’s effort to save the Graff Hotel. The beloved property has been purchased by tech tycoon Joel Sheenan (Murray) and his associate, Ray Dixon (Brown).

However, her hometown of Forest Ridge, Montana is split on Joel’s decision to turn the once quaint hotel into an upscale property for tourists. To protect the hotel’s charm and her brother’s place of employment, Taylor goes on a search to find a significant historical event that will qualify the hotel for landmark status and prevent the City Council from issuing permits for its renovation.

With the clock ticking, Taylor seizes on a photograph that has the potential to verify the property’s historical value. In addition, this could provide an invaluable piece of personal history to the hotel’s new owner.

An Autumn Romance is based on Jane Porter’s novel, The Tycoon’s Kiss.

GAC Family channel
GAC Family channel

When Can You Watch GAC Family’s An Autumn Romance?

GAC Family’s An Autumn Romance premieres on Saturday, October 23, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Not sure if you get GAC Family? First, be sure to check your provider. Many providers added the network after they premiered on Monday, September 27, 2021. In addition, ┬áthe network has increased its providers.

Chad Michael Murray, Jessica Lowndes Back Together Again

Both Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes are executive producers of An Autumn Romance. The two have acted together in The Colors of Love, and Too Close For Christmas.

Be sure to catch the premiere of GAC Family’s first original movie, An Autumn Romance, On Saturday, October 23, at 8 p.m. Eastern.


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