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‘Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown Believes Kody Is DOOMED To Be Unhappy

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Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown’s latest cryptic Instagram Stories post was referencing her husband Kody’s lack of happiness. Fans believe Meri Brown looks fabulous these days. She’s happy, healthy, successful, and living her very best life. But, now it is looking like she pities her husband Kody. And, she’s convinced he’s doomed to be unhappy. What exactly did Meri post that has fans thinking this? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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Meri Brown is living her best life right now

The Meri Brown that Sister Wives fans get to see on social media is very different from the Meri fans see on their televisions. On the last season of Sister Wives, we watched the marriage of Meri and Kody fall apart. A lot of secrets were revealed including the fact that they aren’t intimate and barely spend any time together. Fans are pretty convinced Meri just hangs around her family long enough to film new episodes and then splits when the filming is over.

Meri Brown has defended her husband and her family on Instagram a few times. But, fans just aren’t buying it anymore. They think the spark is long gone.

Fans do think Kody’s first wife is living her best life these days. She has several successful businesses, she has lost some weight, and she is always smiling in her photos. Whatever she’s doing is working for her.

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She believes Kody Brown is doomed to be unhappy

According to Entertainment ChronicleMeri Brown posted a meme from positive thinking recently. The meme was about finding happiness.

“Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.” The meme reads.

In fan groups, on Reddit, and on various social media platforms, Sister Wives fans were quick to point the finger at Kody Brown. They were certain this meme was a dig at her husband. Some fans even think Meri might’ve been referring to herself as something Kody didn’t appreciate that he previously had.

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Is Kody Brown unhappy?

Christine Brown seems to think Kody Brown is perfectly happy with his functional marriage and relationship with Robyn. But, if he wanted to continue is polygamist lifestyle with all four of his wives that may not really be true. Do you think Kody Brown is doomed to be unhappy? Do you think Meri Brown’s meme was a dig at her husband? Or, do you think Sister Wives fans are reading too much into what she posts on her Stories?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Meri and Kody Brown.

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