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Michelle Young Doesn’t Believe in Love At First Sight, Why?

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The Bachelorette Michelle Young began her journey this week on ABC. Fans saw Michelle meet her male contestants and observed instant chemistry with some of them. However, as her journey continues, Michelle is speaking out, and what she has to say surprise some. Michelle revealed she doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Why?

Michelle Young reveals why she doesn’t believe in love at first sight

Bachelor Nation shared all about why Michelle Young doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Following her premiere, Michelle made an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. During the interview, Michelle shared some interesting details.

The hosts asked Michelle if she thinks she found her husband on night one. They wanted to know if it was love at first sight.

Michelle Young said, “I am a person who doesn’t really believe in love at first sight. That’s the biggest question I get asked with all these men walking out of the limo, being asked if I experienced love at first sight, and my answer to that is no. When I’m looking for my ideal guy, it’s all intellectual. I have to fall in love with their mind in order to be in love with them.”

She also knows exactly what she’s looking for in regards to finding a husband. Michelle said, “I want someone who is driven, passionate, a good person, and someone who is humble. This experience comes with a spotlight, and you come into this experience without that spotlight and you leave with a spotlight. So there can be some changes that go on there. For me, it was really important to make sure that these guys have a good head on their shoulders and can stay humble.”

How did she end up on The Bachelor?

Michelle also dished on how she ended up on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. She admits that she honestly has no idea who nominated her for the show. She said, “I got a phone call, and I was really hesitant to start off and then eventually decided to take the risk. Clearly it was worth it!”

She went on to say that she agreed to become The Bachelorette because she had seen the process work before. Things didn’t work out with Matt. However, it showed her that one can fall in love on the show.

Michelle also said it’s much better to be the lead than the contestant. She said, “100 percent, Kelly, 100 percent. It is always better to be in the driver’s seat!”

What do you think of Michelle’s season so far?

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