‘Gold Rush’ Exclusive: Parker Schnabel Needs To Crank It Up And Go Deeper

Discovery’s number one series Gold Rush tonight centers on 26-year-old Parker Schnabel’s deep dive for gold. But, unfortunately, the bills keep coming in, and the gold is not that fast for the young boss.

Parker has put Mitch Blaschke in charge at the plant. The process is slow and frustrating, as he runs Sluicifer 24/7. To pay for Mud Mountain, Parker has to hit some serious pay.

Tatiana Costa is a rising new operator. She is working at Sluicifer and helping Mitch. To Parker’s credit, he has another competent woman on his crew, Pascale Castonguay-Lambert, who is moving the tailings on the other end of the site.

What happens for Team Ness and Team Schnabel on Gold Rush?

The task this week is to crank up the excavation and get deeper into the dirt.

The speed of the sluicing increases and the tailings (rocks) are piling up. If they build up, they can break the entire plant from the weight of the stones.

Two people are not enough, according to Tatiana. Mitch agrees and brings on one more guy to speed up the tailings removal. Then, he calls upon “retired” Chris Doumitt to come and lend a hand.

And Doumitt notes that it is likely that Parker will break records and surprise a lot of people. So he pitches in and gets in a loader to help the two women get their work done and keep the flow seamless.

“Getting back in the loader is like riding a bike,” says Doumitt.

But knowing how machinery and the speed of the washplant can often fight each other, the trade-off will be keeping Sluicifer humming.

Meanwhile, Rick Ness is five weeks in, and he has mined 250 ounces of gold, and he is optimistic. Duncan Creek is a hot spot, and he knows he has to pivot fast and invest more in equipment to keep the pace. Brennan Ruault and Chris Cruse are team Ness, and they are on top of all of it for Ness.

Ness weighs the option of using their shiny new half-million-dollar dozer to mine some frozen ground they suspect is gold-rich.  Ruault is in charge and says that the dozer “is the right tool for the right job.” But, unfortunately, even though the machine can rip through the frozen ground quickly, the 300,000-pound dozer gets mired in soft mud, presenting a massive problem for Ness in tonight’s episode.

And as for Fred Lewis at California Creek, he struggles and is behind the eight-ball until some relief crew shows up.

Tune in tonight to see how the miners fare:


Gold Rush airs Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can check out new episodes each week on DiscoveryGO. Additionally, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #GoldRush.

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