Does Todd Chrisley Still Own A Juice Bar?

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Todd Chrisley and his family own a non-alcoholic drink company but do they also own a juice bar? In an episode of the show, the Chrisleys are working as a family in the juice bar. Todd says he thought the family could come together to run the business together. Savannah immediately tells her dad in front of the customers, “Chase messed it up.”

It doesn’t appear that the family knows how to make smoothies. As they fight, the customers look on, waiting for their smoothies. Now it seems maybe the juice bar wasn’t really theirs. During Season 4 they spent a lot of time at the juice bar.

According to Distractify, a customer and fan were in Nashville and wanted to go to the juice bar. She felt very disappointed in the family. She said they wanted to support Todd and his family. There is a picture on Instagram of a fan with Chase Chrisley at the juice bar.  The Chrisleys also filmed a commercial for their smoothies, complete with costumes.

A Reviewer Called Them Out On Yelp

The Yelp reviewer wrote, “Imagine our surprise when we were told you do not own it nor have ever.” She went on to say she felt scammed and was disappointed that Christians would lie about it.

There is one social media account for the Juice Bar on Instagram. It appears to be a fan page that started and never took off. There’s one picture of Todd and Julie with the JB logo in the middle. Only one comment on the account said, “where can I get a smoothie are u going to post flavors.”

Several people on Twitter commented that they went to the Juice Bar and they tagged the Chrisleys in it. One comment said, “Todd Chrisley bought his kids a juice bar and they complain.. Ummm let me run it please.” 

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Todd Chrisley May Have Decided To Move On

It’s possible after working at the smoothie shop and with all the other things they had going on, they just decided to sell their place and move on. While fans called the family out about the Yelp review and lying that they owned the place, they never confirmed or denied anything.

Todd Chrisley and his family have their hands in several different businesses and some of them never come to pass. Julie Chrisley, for example, talked a lot on the show about opening her own restaurant. She said people love her food and it would be a dream. That never came to fruition after it was discussed a couple times.

What do you think about the Chrisley’s smoothies? Do you think it was just for the show, or they really tried to make a go at it with the franchise? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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