‘LPBW’ Fans Empathize With Tori Roloff After SAD Realization

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LPBW star Tori Roloff has had a rough few months. Fans may remember hearing about her miscarriage on social media or on the family’s show. Tori and her husband Zach share one-year-old Lilah and four-year-old Jackson, but they were hoping to add to their family again. The couple has wanted a large family and they were ready to have another child.

As a somber date passes, fans are reflecting on Tori’s loss and had a heartbreaking realization. So, what are fans saying exactly?

LPBW star Tori Roloff suffered a miscarriage during her third pregnancy.

As we reported, Tori revealed on social media that she had a miscarriage. When she was planning to announce her third pregnancy, she had to share the heartbreaking news that she had a miscarriage. The mom of two shared her feelings on social media, writing, “I’ve honestly never felt loss like I did in that moment. I’ve never felt so sad, angry, and scared in a single moment. I had no symptoms of losing out sweet angel baby and nothing could have prepared me for hearing our sweet baby was gone.”

Then, this weekend, Tori noted a somber date. Her due date for baby number three sadly went by, once again reminding the TLC star of her loss. As we reported, she shared a sad post on social media in honor of the due date passing.

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Fans empathize as Audrey and Isabel Roloff prepare to give birth.

As fans may know, Tori’s sisters-in-law Audrey and Isabel are both pregnant right now. Because of her October due date, we know that Tori got pregnant first. Audrey is due in November, and Isabel will give birth in December. So, the babies all would have been born around the same time.

Isabel Roloff Audrey Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff, Audrey Roloff Instagram

Realizing this, LPBW fans have taken to social media to empathize with Tori. They know it can’t be easy to know that her baby would be arriving around the same time as Audrey’s and Isabel’s. One fan writes, “I know she has not made any comment about her sister-in-laws pregnancies, but I can only imagine how extremely difficult it has been for her the past 8 or so months considering that Audrey and Izzy are due within a matter of days/weeks. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month and I just wanted to share some empathy for Tori, Zach and other parents who have dealt with tremendous loss.”

Others have had similar experiences to Tori and are sharing those online now. One writes, “I just had a miscarriage in September, and it’s incredibly hard to be around people who are at the same point in pregnancy I would be now. I had a friend who was due within days of me, and I can’t bear to see her right now. There are parts of the experience that are unexpectedly difficult. I can’t imagine having to go to family functions and be reminded in that way.”

So, do you agree with LPBW fans about Tori Roloff right now? Do you think this time in her life must be challenging? Let us know in the comments section below.

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