Why Henry Seewald Told Sister Ivy She Isn’t Allowed To Eat

Jessa Seewald Instagram (Henry Seewald, Ivy Seewald)

Henry Seewald is standing up to his little sister Ivy, and he won’t let her break the rules. Former Counting On star Jessa Seewald shared a new post on social media about her kids, revealing a hilarious quote from her son Henry.

This isn’t the first time that Jessa has shared her kids’ quotes before. She often posts on Facebook or Twitter to tell fans about the funny and bright things her kids are saying these days. Of course, fans can’t help but love the silly phrases the kids come up with.

For those who don’t know, Jessa is one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughters. Jessa and her husband Ben have four kids now, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, Ivy, 2, and Fern, 3 months. Online, Jessa has shared cute photos, videos, and quotes from her kids. Most recently, though, Henry has been in the spotlight with his funny saying. So, what did the Duggar grandson say this time?

Jessa Seewald Instagram, Henry Seewald
Jessa Seewald Instagram

Henry Seewald won’t let Ivy have a snack.

In a new Facebook post, Jessa shared a hilarious story with her followers. She wrote:

Henry woke up this morning and first thing started helping himself to the last bit of the cheddar flavored pretzels. Ivy came upon the scene and asked for some too. Henry stalled for a minute, looking for an excuse to not have to share. Then he solemnly declared, “Ivy, the Bible says ‘If a man does not work, he shouldn’t eat.’”

Duggar fans love Jessa’s hilarious new post.

In the comments section of Jessa’s Facebook post, fans are commenting on just how cute Henry and Ivy’s interaction was. They think that Henry is very smart and funny. They think he is a fast thinker too for coming up with this on the spot so he didn’t have to share.

One fan writes, “My goodness! Your kids come up with some of the funniest things.” Another adds, “I LOVE all your kid stories!!”

Others say they hope Jessa is writing all of these sweet quotes down somewhere. They say, “They are too precious to not let the kids read years later!” Some also encourage her to keep sharing them on social media.

So, do you think Henry Seewald is a smart young boy? Do you think sister Ivy Seewald was happy about this statement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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