Tayshia And Kaitlyn Reveal One Word Advice Given To Michelle Young

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Tayshia Adams and Katilyn Bristowe are back to host Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. That’s to mixed reactions of fans but to the pleasure of the leading lady who said it was great to have their support. Katie Thurston said something similar when the two hosted their season because they knew exactly how she felt.

Now they are thrilled to be back to help Michelle find love and mentor their friend how she needs. Tayshia said Michelle really was grateful for their advice. They helped her work through some tough moments.

Michelle came in late to Matt James season on The Bachelor, and she didn’t mess around. She knew what she was there for, and didn’t let anything distract her from her goal. Her approach to her own season is going to be similar. She’s already stated her process for asking the tough questions right away. She wants to weed out anyone who isn’t there to exclusively find love.

What Did Tayshia And Kaitlyn Say About Michelle Young’s Season?

When asked what surprised them about Michelle Young’s season, Tayshia and Kaitlyn both agreed. They said her openness to finding and falling in love with more than one person. Kaitlyn said, “usually you have to talk people into it or they feel guilty, but she was just open.”

They were surprised she admitted to being ready for that. The two hosts had one word for her season. They used it as Michelle’s mantra according to Bachelor Nation. The word was, “surrender.” Tayshia said, “you can’t really plan to figure out how you’re going to react to any of these situations.” She said you have to allow yourself to let go or surrender to the process.

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The Hosts Are Going To Be Happy With Any Choice

Katilyn said she and Tayshia knew they’d love whoever Michelle Young ends up with. Katilyn said it was because she was such a strong woman. Tayshia added, “Michelle was just herself and so open to the process throughout her journey.” They trust her because they can tell she’s really ready to let the process take her where it will.

Several fans have expressed how happy they are with her as the lead. One on Youtube said, “Michelle is a brilliant, talented woman.” Another said, “finally a stunning Bachelorette with class.” Mike Johnson said we get to, “watch from Miss to Mrs.” A commenter said, “So much respect for you Michelle! Can’t wait for your season to unfold.”

So many in the fandom are ready to watch her find her person. Are you excited to see Michelle start her journey tonight? Comment with your thoughts below and come back to TV Shows Ace for all the Bachelorette coverage.

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