Michelle Young Dishes On Plan To Weed Out The Bad Seeds Early

Over the history of The Bachelor franchise, within which Michelle Young’s journey is about to begin, there has been one phrase repeated over and over. “I’m here for the right reasons.” Several times contestants being called out for being on the show for the wrong reasons has caused some arguments between fans of the show. Most recently Thomas Jacobs was accused of wanting to be The Bachelor and Greg Grippo was accused of just wanting to be famous.

On Bachelor in Paradise, two separate couples’ integrity was questioned. Chris Conran and Alana Milne, and Brendan Morais, and Pieper James were also attached for being there for the wrong reasons. While fans remain divided on that, they can agree mostly they like Michelle. So, how did the new lead Michelle plan to find the bad seeds right away? Read on to find out how she’ll know who is truly there for her.

What Is Michelle Young’s Plan?

According to Bachelor Nation, Michelle isn’t interested in wasting her time with anyone. When asked what her plan was for finding the people not there for her, she had a strategy. Michelle said, “I asked the tough questions right off the bat because you don’t have a lot of time.” She said jumping in is important because it won’t work if you waste time. “This isn’t a situation where you get to sit and hang out all day.”

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She credits her background as a teacher with allowing her to spot and call out BS when she sees it. Young also said she’ll be sharing tough things too, as she had to learn how to be more vulnerable. In the past, she’d been told that wasn’t something she was capable of. She acknowledged she surprised even herself with how open she was. The previews have already shown, some things may come out about her contestants, she’s not ready to hear. When that many feelings are up in the air, there’s always going to be some drama.

She Knew Going Deep Was The Best Way

We’ve seen contestants open up in the past and then go home. It’s often devastating but becomes a good way for them to grow and move forward. Michelle Young knew going into it after Matt James season where she was the runner-up, she had to be tough. Young said, “I wanted to see depth, and a really good way to figure that out is to have deep conversations, intellectual conversations, conversations about race, and everything early on.”

Fans are very excited to see Michelle find love, they feel like she deserves the world. Are you ready to see the crazy entrances tonight? Comment with your thoughts down below and come back to TV Shows Ace as we follow her journey to love.

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