‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Concerned About Courtney Veale’s Drinking

[Credit: Courtney Veale/Instagram]

Courtney Veale brought the rosé to the Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion. She had fans talking about her drinking. As viewers know, she’s grieving the memory of her father, who’s battling Alzheimer’s disease. She shared the devastating news with her fellow stews earlier in the season.

However, she makes it look as if she’s always ready to party. The reality star claimed that she was there to have a good time. Yet, Courtney was the only one drinking at the reunion, which took place on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. This led fans to share their thoughts about her behavior.

Courtney Veale addresses support and backlash

Shortly after the Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion aired, Courtney Veale took to her Instagram Stories. She shared a clip of herself wearing a neon hooded sweatshirt. The blonde beauty gave the peace sign and a smile. She looked nothing like her inebriated self on the reunion special. In her Instagram Story, Courtney addressed the support and the backlash she’s received.

“As always, thanks for the love and thanks for the hate,” Courtney Veale wrote. “I feel I’ve been very lucky in the feedback and love I’ve received throughout the season, but in a way, I think it makes the hate messages hurt more.”

[Credit: Courtney Veale/Instagram]
[Credit: Courtney Veale/Instagram]
The Below Deck Med newbie reminded her fans that it’s “just a TV show!” She said that she’s just a human being who’s dealing with “very real struggles” and is “trying to figure out how to deal with those struggles.” Courtney posted the heartfelt message to her Instagram Stories shortly after she received concern on social media.

There have been mixed reactions to her behavior during the reunion. Some fans found her drinking relatable, while others found it concerning. Courtney also received backlash for her partying demeanor and constant twerking throughout the season. Some dubbed her as a “dumb blonde” even though she’s worked hard and proven herself.

Below Deck Med fans react to Courtney’s drinking

Many Below Deck Med fans couldn’t help but react to Courtney’s drinking on Monday night. She got drunker by the minute. Every time the camera panned over to the stew, she looked as if she wasn’t able to sit up straight. Courtney Veale showed up to the virtual reunion in a little black dress, but she looked unkempt as time went on.

  • “I think that Courtney is drunk. So nothing new.”
  • “We love Courtney but she needs to stop drinking once her eyes droop and the slurring starts.”
  • “Courtney is sloshed!”
  • “Watching Courtney and wondering if she’s gonna make it to the end.”
  • “I think Courtney needs to get herself to AA. I’m totally cringing at her drunken slurring on the #BelowDeckmedreunion she’s absolutely wasted. Drunk people are boring as f***. #BelowDeckMed.”

It appears that Courtney was addressing the backlash. She hinted that she is struggling and is navigating how to deal. Hopefully, Courtney will find the support that she needs during this difficult time. Hate is the last thing she needs.

[Screenshot | Bravo]
[Screenshot | Bravo]
What are your thoughts on Courtney’s drinking? Do you agree that it’s out of control? Or, do you find it relatable? Sound off below in the comments.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 is available to stream on Peacock.

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  1. It wasn’t a good look, but Courtney is a yachting rock star. She worked her ass off without complaining and kept the good vibes going the whole season. Loved her!

  2. I love Courtney, but she was twitching and she couldn’t hold still. I hope she is doing ok. She seems like a sweet person.

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