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Adam Busby Is Enjoying Topless Weather

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OutDaughtered Dad, Adam Busby was spotted being adventurous on Instagram. The fit father of six filmed himself enjoying some topless fun on his Instagram recently. Read on to find out what the TLC star has been up to lately and why fans didn’t even pique an eyebrow at his behavior.

Adam Busby Is Enjoying Some Topless Fun

Despite being a busy father, Adam Busby has been taking some time to appreciate the little things that make the season special. One of those things is the changing weather. Late October brings a significant cooling of the air in Texas, and of course, football season. Like his fellow Texans, Adam has been enjoying some time outside — topless.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Yep, you heard right, Adam Busby and his cross-fit leaned ‘Dad-Bod’ have been going topless on Instagram. Topless down the road we mean. In his Jeep Gladiator. Yes, the 39-year-old reality celeb has been enjoying the changing seasons by taking the top off his jeep and taking a solo drive.

Adam Shares Topless Jeep Shot On Insta

In a post from Monday, Adam posted a photo to his Instagram stories of him sitting in his car. In the photo, Busby is wearing a simple gray t-shirt and a pair of men’s Blender’s sunglasses that had a pink/orange reflective mirror lens. The TLC star overlayed a caption on his photo that read, “Taken advantage of this top off weather.” While the story wasn’t sponsored, he did tag Blenders and Buttery Bros, which happened to be the companies’ products that he was wearing.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Why Doesn’t Adam Drive More?

While Adam Busby loves his Jeep Gladiator, he doesn’t always get the opportunity to drive it as much as he would like. When he is out and about with Danielle and the kids, the family rides in a large, white commercial-style van. It is sturdy, safe, and large enough to comfortably fit the whole clan.

In addition to the space issue, even when Adam is with his family, it’s nearly always Danielle that drives them around. Unfortunately, Adam Busby’s wife suffers from severe motion/car sickness. Nausea associated with the condition is triggered by unexpected movement. This is typically movement the person has no physical control of – such as riding in a passenger seat. Being in control of the vehicle gives Danielle the ability to ride comfortably without feeling ill.

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