Fans Think Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Gave Birth This Past Weekend

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Counting On fans know that Josh Duggar’s wife Anna is due to give birth to their seventh baby very soon. When announcing the pregnancy, the couple revealed that the baby is due in the “fall.” When Anna last surfaced at Josh’s motion hearing, she looked very pregnant, and fans thought she might give birth any day now.

As Anna’s due date approaches, fans are on the lookout for signs she might have given birth. As we’ve reported, Anna hasn’t posted on social media since her husband’s arrest for receiving and possessing child pornography. So, it’s unclear whether she has given birth yet.

However, fans have recently spotted a hint that Anna might have given birth this weekend. Read on to find out what it is.

Anna Duggar, TLC

Jim Bob Duggar takes Josh and Anna’s kids to ALERT Family Camp.

The Duggar family has been enjoying themselves at the ALERT Family Camp in Texas. The Spivey family, Justin Duggar’s wife Claire’s parents and siblings, are there too. On social media, Hilary Spivey shared several photos from their time at Family Camp. It looks like everyone enjoyed some outdoor activities together and had a blast.

In several of the photos, Josh and Anna’s kids are visible. Michael, Mackynzie, and Meredith are in the most recent photos. As we reported, Marcus was previously seen there. Anna and Josh’s youngest children, Mason and Maryella, don’t appear to be in any of the photos.

Hilary Spivey Instagram

Michelle Duggar stays behind in Arkansas.

While Jim Bob is in a picture or two, his wife Michelle is noticeably absent. On Instagram, Duggar fans are speculating about where she could be. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball wonders, “Did Michelle stay home to be with Anna in case she gave birth?!”

Someone else adds, “Anna must be about to give birth if Michelle isn’t around…” Another Instagram user chimes in, “Or maybe Michelle had to fly back to be with Anna because Anna gave birth or went into labor 🤷‍♀️”

Because Anna isn’t currently active on social media, it will be interesting to see what happens when the baby arrives, if she hasn’t already. Jim Bob and Michelle could announce the baby’s birth, or maybe Anna has a deal with a magazine. With Josh’s trial coming up in November, it’s possible that the baby’s birth will be announced as an attempt at a distraction. Fans will have to wait and see, but it’s possible that Anna has already given birth.

So, do you agree that Anna Duggar could have given birth or is going to very soon? Or do you think that there’s another reason Josh Duggar’s dad Jim Bob took the kids with them but left Michelle behind? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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