‘BIP’ Joe Amabile Shares First Reaction Of Serena Pitt On ‘The Bachelor’

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One of the most popular couples to pop out of Bachelor in Paradise is Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt. They fell in love on the beach and left Mexico engaged. Now, as they navigate their future together, Joe is sharing with the world his first impression of Serena. It wasn’t even recent. He first noticed and commented on her when she appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. So, now, she will know his thoughts before he ever even met her. Keep reading to find out more.

Joe Amabile reveals first impression of Serena Pitt

Joe Amabile shared his first impression of Serena Pitt on his podcast. Serena made her Bachelor debut on Matt James’ season of the show. Matt was really smitten with Serena. However, she ultimately decided she didn’t see a future with him and left.

When Joe first saw her on Matt’s season, he, Tayshia Adams, and Natasha Parker were discussing the women on the show on Click Bait. So, now, he’s sharing with Serena and the world the clip of what he said about Serena before he even knew her.

He was clear to say he hadn’t listened to it so wasn’t sure what he said but knew there was a clip discussing her.

Joe Amabile said he thought Serena would win it all. He also said, “I think she’s really attractive and I’m basing this pretty much off of looks because right now we don’t have anything else besides a paragraph. So if I’m going to base it off of looks, she’s got really nice skin, I really like her hair. I understand that this answer could be shallow, but that’s all I have to work with.”

Serena responded with, “Wow, you really liked me! It’s good you were saying that about me and not someone else!”


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Their new love

Joe and Serena met and fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise. They are engaged and currently making plans for the future. They are getting to know each other’s families and just reportedly decided where they will call home. Previously, the couple said they were choosing between Chicago, New York, and Canada.

Joe and Serena do not like being apart. In fact, they hate it so much they said they only go about a week without seeing one another. They are looking to move in together soon.

What do you think of Joe’s first impression of Serena?

Stay tuned for more updates on this adorable couple.

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