Farrah Abraham Responds To Bad Mom Comments By Implying She Is A Queen

Farrah Abraham from Youtube

Farrah Abraham is tired of people calling her a bad mom. So the Teen Mom took to Instagram to share a cryptic quote about being a ‘f*****g queen.’Over the years, Farrah has grown accustomed to constantly being called out about her questionable parenting. 

The 30-year-old mom built herself up on her Instagram stories boosting her confidence with positive affirmations such as “you go girl.”

“You work hard, you’re responsible, you are educated, you manage your money, you are loyal, you have big plans and beautiful dreams.

“You are a f*****g Queen,” Farrah writes on social media.

Farrah claimed earlier this month that she is constantly working on herself to become a better person. However, Abraham’s followers are finding it hard to believe, considering her constant questionable behavior, especially when it comes to raising her 12-year-old daughter Sophia according to The Sun.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia’s Halloween Costumes Were Scary In A Bad Way

Abraham’s most recent Halloween outing with Sophia sent fans over the edge after seeing how Farrah allowed the tween to dress for the occasion. In typical Farrah fashion, she dressed scantily, showing off her booty while wearing a pair of barely-there white shorts. Sophia wore skimpy pirate costumes, complete with a choker and black leather vest and skirt. Sophia had streaks of red hair while dressed up as a leather-clad pirate. 

Farrah Abraham | Youtube

Fans immediately began to criticize Abraham via the comments section, writing, “I can’t help but think Farrah is encouraging her to act/dress much older than she is. She is 12 years old.”

Another user added: “Sophia is such a beautiful young lady. I hope she gets far away from the toxicity that is Farrah and her family.” 

Farrah Abraham | Youtube

It has been a long summer for Sophia and Farrah. The mother/daughter pair have been under constant fire for the past several months. As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace Farrah has allowed Sophia Abraham to engage in too many adult activities. Most of which has included attending all adult yacht parties and events.

Sophia Will Turn Out Fine According To Farrah

A few weeks ago, Farrah and Sophia took to Instagram to share Sophia getting ready to go back to school. Well, a home school, that is. Abraham shared several photos revealing how she pimped out Sophia’s homeschool locker stuffing it with expensive shoes, clothes, make-up, and most importantly, tons of cash.

Fans ripped through Farrah Abraham, telling her she was spoiling Sophia and allowing her to develop into ‘an entitled brat.’ But, of course, Farrah and Sophia laughed off the snarky comments once again.

Sophia hardly engages with children her own age. This leads her to feel and acting as if she is an equal peer to her mother.  Most fear that if Farrah Abraham continues to treat her child as an adult Sophia Abraham’s future could be quite bleak. 

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