Zsalynn Whitworth: ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ 2021 Update, Where Are They Now

TLC, Zsalynn Whitworth, My 600-Lb. Life 2

My 600-Lb. Life viewers like to keep up with their favorite stars, including Zsalynn Whitworth, long after the show has ended. TLC’s weight loss transformation show features plenty of happy endings, but where do they end up after their time on the show? Fortunately, we have an update about Zsalynn’s journey after the show.

My 600-Lb. Life Journey

For those who may not remember, Zsalynn was on Season 2 of the TLC show. Zsalynn’s story featured herself, her husband Gareth, and her daughter. One of the main reasons that she wanted to become healthy was because she hoped to be a part of her daughter’s life. The TLC star was formerly known as the”Fat Girl Rock Star.”

As she put in the work to lose weight and become healthier, her husband didn’t offer any support. He tried to derail her journey. When she weighed in at 597 pounds at Dr. Now‘s office, her husband said he wanted her to gain more weight because he has a fetish for obese women.

Despite her husband’s best efforts to put her weight loss journey to an end, she was able to lose enough weight to move forward with gastric bypass surgery. In all, she dropped 248 pounds.

Later, Zsalynn returned to TLC for an update episode. She weighed in at under 300 pounds, allowing her to have excess skin removal surgery. She dropped 52 pounds from that procedure.

TLC, Zsalynn Whitworth, My 600-Lb. Life 2

Zsalynn Whitworth 2021 Update

Now, Zsalynn is looking better than ever. The former My 600-Lb. Life star posts regularly on Instagram and shares lots of updates with her followers. She recently snapped a selfie, showing off her good looks.

In addition to sticking with her healthy habits, Zsalynn divorced Gareth. The divorce began triggering some of her unhealthy eating habits, unfortunately. However, she’s managed to stay strong and now has a new man in her life.

In response to her Instagram posts, Zsalynn gets lots of love and support from fans. They are glad to see that she’s doing well, and they’re happy to know that she dumped her abusive husband. They hope she continues to live a full and healthy life.

Zsalynn Whitworth Instagram
Zsalynn Whitworth Instagram

So, are you amazed by Zsalynn Whitworth’s transformation? Are you glad to see that she seems happy and healthy these days? Let us know in the comments below.

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