What’s Up With Tammy Slaton’s Missing Teeth?

Tammy Slaton Season 3

In the second season of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton was shown visiting the dentist for the first time in over a decade. Over the last few years, fans noticed the hefty celeb’s teeth aren’t in great shape. In fact, two of her front teeth are actually missing. Were they knocked out by accident or are there bigger issues with her dental health than she is letting on?

Tammy Slaton Visits The Dentist on 1000-Lb Sisters

In a season two episode of the hit TLC show, Tammy Slaton is followed as she takes a trip to the dentist. It is the first time in over a decade that the celeb has had any dental care. Fans have noticed that her teeth are not in good condition. In fact, it is hard to miss that two of Tammy’s front teeth are actually MIA.

The trip definitely wasn’t a fun one for Tammy who couldn’t fit through the office door due to the width of her wheelchair. Her brother, Chris, made her walk through the door and encouraged her to walk toward the exam room – which she was visibly unhappy about.

Beyond her very prevalent mobility issues – finding the office wasn’t easy either. Because of Tammy’s size, they had to contact numerous dentists in order to find a provider whose equipment could handle a person of her size. Most office chairs can easily support a person of up to 350lbs, but a special dental setup is necessary to support someone like Tammy safely.

Tammy SLaton visits the dentist
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Tammy Shocks Fans With Disregard For Hygiene

It’s clear that hygiene and self-care have definitely not been on Tammy’s priority list in… a long time. During her visit with her dentist (Dr. Adam), the TLC celeb shared a shocking piece of information. She brushes her teeth only twice a week — and sometimes, less.

The then 665-lb Tammy told her dentist that she “TRIES” to brush her teeth at least twice a week. “TRIES.” This implies that maybe sometimes she doesn’t exactly get around to it. The reveal was not only to viewers but her dentist.

Dr. Adam reserved judgment and definitely put on kid gloves when dealing with Tammy. He left negativity and judgment off the table and simply told her that going forward, they would work to get her back on the right track. While there, Tammy and her provider make plans to eventually deal with her missing teeth.

To be honest, we should be doing it twice everyday, so we’re going to work on that,’ he told her. ‘No pressure. No judgement or anything, we’re just going to say “you know what? We’re going to try to get things on a better track. -Dr. Adam

Tammy’s Missing Teeth

So, how did Tammy Slaton end up losing two of her teeth? Unfortunately – the only information that is out there is likely untrue. In the show, Tammy says that she lost the teeth as a child. She reports that at some point during her youth, she took a tumble.  She says the teeth were damaged and her mother never took her to the dentist to fix the issues.

Unfortunately for Tammy, she appears to have been caught in a lie. Many of the show’s fans have gone back in time, looking at pictures of Tammy regressing in age. Many have noted on social media and numerous internet blogs that while she says she lost the teeth as a child – pictures seem to tell another story. According to ScreenRant – one source got a hold of Tammy’s high school yearbooks – and in her photo both missing teeth were present. This dates to toothless potentially as late as early adulthood.

It is a common theory that she lost her teeth as a result of tooth decay or periodontitis. Natural receding of the gums or excessive build-up of sugar and bacteria on the teeth and gums could have easily caused her teeth to rot and fall out. And, though Tammy willingly admitted to being lazy when it comes to her dental health, it’s unlikely she will admit that her teeth just up and rotted out of her face.

Hopefully, as we progress into the newest season of the show, Tammy Slaton will prioritize her hygiene and self-care a bit more. Fans would love to see her follow through with Dr. Adam and reinvigorate her smile.


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