‘The Conners’: Katey Sagal Struck By Car, Rushed To Hospital

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Katey Sagal of The Conners was struck by a car and rushed to the hospital in L.A. this morning. What happened? Is the actress alright? Will the accident delay the production of The Conners? Keep reading for this breaking news.

The Conners: Katey Sagal Struck By Car, Rushed To Hospital

According to TMZ, law enforcement reported the accident happened today just a little before noon. Katey Sagal was reported to be properly cross the street at a crosswalk at the time of the accident. A Tesla made a left turn, didn’t see the actress crossing the street, and struck her. “Tagged” is the word that was used to describe the way the actress was hit.

The media outlet goes on to report there have been no arrests or citations made at this time involving the accident. Law enforcement sources also confirmed to TMZ there did not believe to be any drugs or alcohol involved in the accident. At the moment, the details surrounding the car accident are still under investigation.

Katy Sagal - John Goodman Instagram
Katy Sagal – John Goodman Instagram

Is The Actress Alright?

Getting rushed to the hospital after getting struck by a vehicle is pretty standard. Unfortunately, this means it doesn’t say much about how injured she was. So, The Conners fans desperately want to know if the actress is alright. What kind of condition is she in?

The driver did stop after striking the actress to help her. Katey Sagal was transported to a local hospital via ambulance. She is being treated at the hospital for her injuries. According to TMZ, her injuries are reportedly minor. Fortunately, The Conners star is expected to be discharged sometime today.

Katy Sagal Instagram
Katy Sagal Instagram

Will The Conners Get Delayed?

The Conners did air their Season Premiere live, but that isn’t something they do with every single episode. Moreover, there aren’t currently any plans for any additional episodes to air live. So, it is safe to assume her minor injuries won’t cause the release of new episodes of the series to get delayed. After all, everyone is waiting to see Dan get married again!

Are you surprised to learn Katey Sagal of The Conners was struck by a car? Are you relieved to know her injuries were minor? And, are you looking forward to the next new episode of The Conners? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest TV news!

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