‘Shameless’ Emma Kenney BLASTS Co-Star Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossem - Emma Kenney - Instagram

Shameless star Emma Kenney put her former co-star on blast during her recent appearance on a popular podcast called Call Her Daddy. As Deadline recaps, the actress addressed Emmy Rossum walking away from the show. Turns out, Emma Kenney wasn’t as upset as fans were when Emmy Rossum made the decision to walk away from the show. In fact, Emma paints a picture that suggests the set of the show might’ve been much more pleasant for the entire cast when Emmy walked away.

Shameless star Emma Kenney owns a sibling relationship

Emma Kenney admits that she had a bit of a sibling relationship with Emmy Rossum. After all, the young actress grew up on the set of Shameless. And, she looked at Emmy Rossum like her big sister. Emma Kenney, however, noted that being siblings wasn’t always a good thing. Unfortunately, she experienced both the good and bad parts of being like a little sister to her co-star.

We were both so young, I was obviously a lot younger. There were times where she would try to be a good influence and then there were times where she would be blatantly giving me…not the best advice. Maybe she was struggling with her own inner problems and taking it out on other people. But we all handle situations differently.”

From Emma’s point of view, it felt like there were times when her co-star wanted to help her. And, times, where it felt more like her co-star, was intentionally trying to sabotage her.

Shameless Emma Kenney Instagram
Shameless Emma Kenney Instagram

Stuck in Emmy Rossum’s shadow and toxicity

Emma Kenney admits that being on the set of Shameless left her feeling like she was stuck in Emmy’s shadow a large chunk of the time. Being just nine years old when the show started, she didn’t really understand why everything needed to feel like a competition because she definitely wasn’t trying to compete with her older co-star.

Turns out, Emma also wasn’t a fan of doing scenes with Emmy Rossum. She admitted that if Emmy wasn’t in a good mood, she had this way of making sure everyone on the set felt the same way she did. Emma noted mentally preparing to work with Emmy Rossum on set made her anxious.

She explained: “I remember pre-her leaving, I’d go to set some days and I’d be very anxious about having a scene with her because if she had a bad day, she made it a bad day for everybody.”

Emmy Rossum - Emma kenney Shameless - Youtube
Emmy Rossum – Emma kenney Shameless – Youtube

Shameless star Emma Kenney has love for Emmy, but didn’t miss her

Now, Emma was careful to mention that she did have a lot of love for Emmy Rossum. But, she would be lying if she didn’t admit the set felt like a much more positive place after the actress walked away. As those who watched the show know, Emmy Rossum exited her role as Fiona in 2018. This was something fans were not happy about. But, they did understand because the character reached an ending that just made sense. Plus, most fans were sick of seeing the writers continue to run Fiona into the ground.

Unfortunately, Emma Kenney also confirmed she and her co-star have not spoken in years. Shameless fans know the same cannot be said for other cast members as they all follow each other on social media and maintain pretty healthy banter in their social media comments.

I have a lot of love for Emmy, I’ve known her for so long. We haven’t spoken in years… but that’s okay. I have a lot of love for her, and I hope that she finds her happiness.”

Are you surprised to learn Emmy Rossum created a bit of a toxic environment on set for Emma Kenney? What do you think Emmy has to say about this interview? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Shameless news.


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