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GROSS!! ‘LPBW’ Fans Beg Amy Roloff To Get Control Of Her Hair

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Little People, Big World fans are GROSSED out by Amy Roloff and begging her to get control of her hair. What did the LPBW star do to her hair that has fans so upset? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

LPBW fans are extremely critical of the TLC personality

Little People, Big World fans aren’t exactly huge supporters of Amy Roloff. In fact, she gets tons of heat on her Instagram profile. As we’ve reported in the past, her followers make a habit of criticizing every single cooking video she’s ever posted on her profile.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

There are a lot of things about the way Amy cooks that disgusts her followers. Some of her habits include sucking her fingers, licking her fingers, talking with her mouth full of food, chewing with her mouth open, and licking the kitchen utencils.

Lately, Amy Roloff has also been blasted in the comments for continuing to use the last name, Roloff. Many of her followers note it is disrespectful to her husband Chris to continue to use her ex-husband’s last name.

Amy Roloff posted a cooking video on Instagram

A few days ago, Amy Roloff reshared one of her favorite recipes with her followers. Her recipe was corned beef hash with eggs. She acknowledged this type of recipe would look a little different depending on who it was being made for because everyone likes their eggs a little different. For example, she liked the yokes of her eggs to be nice and cooked. Her husband Chris, however, likes them runny.

Amy Roloff Youtube
Amy Roloff – YouTube

Regardless of how a person likes their eggs, however, she swears this is a fantastic breakfast recipe for someone who wants to start the day with a tasty meal.

In her Instagram post, Amy explained she makes corned beef hash a lot. Why? Well, because it is a great way to use leftover meats from other meals.

Amy Roloff’s followers BEGGED her to control her hair

The typical complaints shifted a little in her latest cooking video. Instead of going after her licking, sucking, smacking, and chewing… Her followers took issue with her hair. Many of her followers admitted the way her hair was hanging all over the place was driving them CRAZY.

One of her followers noted her hair hanging down in her eyes while she’s cooking is neither “attractive or sanitary.” A second individual chimed in that her hair was “very distracting.”

“Please wear a chef hat, or a tighter pony tail cause you touch your hair when you cook… (not appetizing).” Another follower begged.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

Some fans added they took issue because her hair also looked dirty and unkempt. These individuals noted if Amy Roloff’s hair looked more like it has been washed recently, they probably wouldn’t be so critical.

There were some fans that rushed to her defense

Not everyone was out to get Amy Roloff and her hair in the comments. Some of her followers noted she was cooking meals for herself and her husband. Why did it matter if she looked or acted like a professional chef?

“People complain about the dumbest things in her own personal videos.” One of her supportive followers clapped back.

‘LPBW’ Fans Continue Pummeling Amy Roloff’s Grotesque Eating & Cooking

Did you take as much issue with Amy Roloff’s hair as the rest of Instagram did? Share your thoughts on her fans getting so upset in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Amy Roloff and the rest of the LPBW family.

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  1. LEAVE HER ALONE!!! If you don’t like her licking her fingers then stop watching her. You can’t convince me that you’ve never licked your hands before and if you can get on here and lie to all of us then stay home and stop bothering anyone else with more lies. We’ve all licked our fingers while cooking. She is cooking food for her family and YOU critics need to go home and shut up. Back off NOW. Amy is a wonderful person and YOU ALL need to stay OUT of her business and tend to your own perfect (hahahahaha) house and habits.

    1. You are absolutely right. I lick my fingers and I have licked the spoon as well. There are many many TV star chef who taste test their foods with a spoon, lay it down and use it again later and I’m certain it happens in most restaurants you have ever eaten in as well. I agree that her hair should be pulled back or something but not enough to criticize or mock her over it. Stop. As far as her name, she has been Roloff for the majority of her life and is known by that name. How is the world is that disrepectful to Matt, in fact he most likely prefers it that way because it keeps his family name relevant and adds to his income as well. Only petty people would think that way so if the shoe fits, wear it.

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