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‘RHOBH’ Fans Are Praying For Dorit Kemsley’s Firing

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RHOBH fans are saying a little prayer for Dorit Kemsley. No, they’re not wishing her well. Rather, they’re praying for her to get fired. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans are fed up over the way that Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley went after Garcelle Beauvais.

The duo has been dubbed as “bullies” and “racists.” As a result, fans are demanding the network to fire them. Both Rinna and Dorit have kept quiet about the accusations. Dorit hasn’t posted anything new on her feed since yesterday. In that post, fans are praying for her to get the boot.

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna team up against Garcelle Beauvais

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 reunion started out strong. Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley went after Garcelle Beauvais. Fans accused the gruesome twosome of “bullying” and said they’re being “racist.” Dorit did not hold back on her feelings about the Coming 2 America star.

At one point, the Connecticut native screamed at Garcelle. Dorit Kemsley claimed that her co-star was two-faced with her digs and jabs. Lisa Rinna agreed with her friend. She was ready to get her digs into Garcelle as well. Meanwhile, Kyle Richards sat there with a judge look on her face.

Fans were disappointed with Kyle. They hoped that she would’ve spoken up and defended Garcelle. Instead, she relied on her signature shocked expression. RHOBH fans also said that both Rinna and Dorit had “microaggressions” all season, including labeling Garcelle as “aggressive.”

[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
Garcelle admitted that she felt like an outsider. She ended up becoming friends with her fellow co-stars Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff. Viewers couldn’t help but notice how she was left out of the main group. That has been an ongoing issue with other new Housewives in the past.

Their issues came to light at the reunion when Dorit accused Garcelle of being “passive-aggressive.” The Real co-host was overcome with emotion over the accusations. Then she brought up a time when Dorit called her a “bully” — which she eventually apologized for. Rinna couldn’t wait to join in on the jabs. Rinna threatened Garcelle and said that she will say and do whatever she wants.

RHOBH fans pray for Dorit’s firing

On Wednesday, October 14, Dorit Kemsley posted a photo of herself alongside Lisa Rinna at the reunion. She also followed up with a photo of her speaking to Erika Jayne. “It’s reunion day!” Dorit Kemsley wrote in the caption. “Don’t miss part 1 tonight on @bravotv 8/7c .💎”

Fans did not hold back on their feelings. They took to the comments section to hold a prayer circle for Dorit’s firing. “May this be your last reunion!🙏🏾🙏🏾😘,” one user wrote. As of Thursday, October 14, the comment received over 1,900 likes and 23 responses.

[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
There are other comments too. One wrote, “You lucky I’m not garcelle! She kept it classy. You on the other hand……” while another added, “Oh look, the two people who gaslight new cast members and use microaggressions as a means for a storyline sitting next to a criminal.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Dorit Kemsley should get fired from the show? Sound off below in the comments. Part two of the RHOBH Season 11 reunion airs next Wednesday, October 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. Dorit and Rinna need to go (be fired) along with Kyle. Tired how Rinna comes at people and no one can address any of their questions for her to “Own It” when it comes to husband Hamlin never around and lives out of the US. How come her com stars can’t address how she got with Hamlin and why he is rarely in CA. Interesting how Rinna hasn’t denied the accusations that he is gay.
    Dorit is boring along with Rinna so they had to come up with a way to stay relavent (tire of fashion show each season from Dorit she has nothing else to offer to the show. And Kyle is also boring she is only on here to promote her “acting career “. As for Erika she needs to go also. Not only for the matters at hand the millions her husband owes the victims. But she’s showed her true colors and what she’s all about. She stays with her husband as long as he has money but she could see this coming and now that he doesn’t have access to millions for her to spend NOW she wants to blast the “dirt” on how awful a husband he was to her. She didn’t mind and she stayed while he money. Now that he is broke and owes millions now he is and has been such an awe full husband. This kinda housewife no one wants to be around or wants to watch except watch her arrest ….
    Keep Garcelle, Sutton, Crystal and Kathy they bring fresh, positive, uplifting, diversity and unique matters to the fore front. They have things to offer to the viewers.

    1. Kyle and Lisa are the biggest pot stirring women. Kyle repeats everything that one of the lady’s say to her stir trouble. I loved Lisa til watching her on this show. She is not a true friend to anyone. Her supposed long friendship with Eileen, Denise and now Garcelle she has thrown them under the bus!!! They could both go and I would like the show better! Kyle the one who needs to be called out for her under hand dealings! I see why her sister didn’t talk to her.

    2. I couldn’t agree more! Shameful how Rinna attacked Denise (repeatedly) but won’t open her mouth about Erika… double standards and bullshit.

    3. you fire Dorit or Rinna I will quit watching the show. Garcell needs to go whinning BITCH . OMG lets cry some more Garcell.

      1. I agree with you!! And since when do we fire people from the show because they had a run in with another person. There wouldn’t be anyone left. Garcell is tuff couldn’t have made it in this industry otherwise. They have all fought and cried on all the housewives.

    4. I really wish they would get rid of Dorit and Lisa Rena. Dorit contributed nothing to this season except vile and nasty things. Lisa it’s like watching a old woman attempt to look like a teenager. Big fail there! Just fire everyone and keep Garselle and Sutton.

  2. I really liked Rinna at first, now I can’t stand her phoney ass. I don’t see how anyone can like her, she’s not a true friend. Look how she treated Denise and Garcelle. They’ll probably keep both Rinna & Dorit, they bring lots of drama.

  3. Yes. Dorit as well as Lisa should be fired. They both bully newcomers to the show. It is evident that they attempt to alienate these newcomers to viewers as an effort to secure their own positions on the show by bringing so-called “drama”. It is not working! They are disgusting. They simply represent those social issues that are now at the forefront. Their behaviors only promote these unacceptable issues when they are rewarded by allowing them to remain on the show. People demonstrating this type of behavior in other workplaces, government, etc. experience consequences. It is not acceptable to bully, be racist etc. Andy needs to address this issue. I, for one, will not tolerate it in the only way I can. I will no longer watch this show. All those who do not want these unacceptable behaviors to be promoted should also stop watching the show. (And by the way, Lisa only went over to Garcelle for a hug because she finally realized how she was coming across and wanted the bullying to end. It was an attempted cover-up.

  4. They should fire dorit erika and renna they should bring back denise those 3 are bullies look how Erika threatened Sutton she should be ashamed of herself I don’t believe a word she says I can’t stand those 3 love the show andy but they got to go

  5. Lisa Rinna always has an issue with someone. Her & Dorit had issues, not that long ago, when she said people were doing cocaine in the bathroom! She is becoming the Kelly Dodd of Beverly Hills, and that’s not a compliment!

  6. I’ve not liked Lisa for a long time. She instigates so much drama, and she’s not nice person at all. She’s crafty, and dishonest. The camera catches her sometime, with that smirk on her face. I think she brings people on to discredit them, and make them look bad . She’s also not very kind. She’s too skinny, too loud and a bad friend. Dorit is just a clothes horse, bad accent, bad attitude, and so hiring.

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