Netflix’s ‘Love Hard’ Trailer: Nina Dobrev’s Christmas Catfish RomCom

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Dating is all swipe right or left, right? In Netflix’s Love Hard, online dating may be the norm these days, but what if you have been catfished? Yes, this is the RomCom with a twist. This movie stars Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) in her first-ever Netflix original movie.

In addition, Darren Barnet (Never Have I Ever), Jimmy O. Yang (Space Force), Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), Harry Shum Jr. (Crazy Rich Asians), Mikaela Hoover (The Suicide Squad), Rebecca Staab (The Chronicle Mysteries), Darien Martin (Journey Of My Heart), James Saito (Always Be My Maybe), and C. Ernst Harth (To All The Boys: Always And Forever).

In addition, Matty Finochio (Freaks), Heather McMahan (The Trap), Justine Warrington (Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer), Sean Depner (Riverdale), Takayo Fischer (The Pursuit Of Happyness), Debbie Podowski (The Professor), Fletcher Donovan (Turner & Hooch), and Andy Nez (Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone) all star in this new holiday movie.

Are you ready to learn about Netflix’s first 2021 holiday movie?

What Is Netflix’s Love Hard About?

According to the Netflix trailer, Love Hard tells the story of Los Angeles-based Natalie Bauer (Dobrev). She regularly finds dates online. However, she has been unlucky in love many times. Turns out, she has taken all of these negative experiences and has figured out a way to pick  a foolproof way of finding a date. That is because nothing is going to stop her from meeting her soul mate!

With all of these mistakes, she now feels completely equipped to try again. Or is she? This time, she uses an app Natalie makes sure that the guy is who he says he is. Moreover, he is pretty perfect. So, why not fly to New York City and surprise him during the Christmas holidays.

Unfortunately, she has been catfished! Josh (Yang) was the guy she was talking to. However, he insists that he can get her hooked up with Tag (Barnet) the guy Natalie thought she was talking to.

Turns out, Natalie and Tag have some chemistry. But, Tag’s idea of dating is extreme sports. Natalie is not necessarily into bobsledding or rock climbing. Yet, she and Tag have some moments. She is mostly happy here.

Josh then says something does make Natalie step back. Does she really know what love is? Does she know what she really wants?

Netflix, Love Hard,
Netflix, Love Hard,

What Is This Movie Like?

Netflix acquired Love Hard back in 2019. Written by the new writing duo of Danny Mackey and Rebecca Ewing, the story was kept hidden for quite some time. According to Deadline, the story is a cross between Roxanne, and When Harry Met Sally.

When Does Netflix’s Love Hard Come Out?

Netflix will drop Love Hard on Friday, November 5.



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