Tori Spelling Slammed Over Son Beau’s Horrific Halloween Costume

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Tori Spelling is getting a lot of heat for her 4-year-old son Beau’s Halloween costume. As a result, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star and mother of five has fans calling her a ‘bad mom.’ 

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is searching for the perfect costumes to celebrate the holiday. However, Tori’s followers feel she is going too fat this year with her young son Beau’s costume.

Fans are calling her Gory Tori! 

Tori Spelling

Spelling took to Instagram to share photos of her son Beau dressed in his Halloween costume. Followers immediately began criticizing Tori calling her “Gory Tori.”

Many are slamming Spelling for allowing her son to dress as a killer Chucky doll according to The Sun. Beau’s transformation into the horror film icon wearing denim overalls and a rainbow shirt. Spelling completes the look with bright red-dyed hair, makeup stitches across his face, and a giant bloody knife.

Tori Spelling shares the photo, which she captions:

Chucky’s backkkk… So excited for tonight’s premiere of CHUCKY and psyched to support my friend and OG Child’s Play 2 star @christineelisemccarthy.

The NEW series launching on @syfy and @usa_network looks so good!?

We are HUGE horror fans, and here are throwback photos when Beau was Chucky. He’s clearly a very method actor!”

However, Spelling’s followers were not quite as enthusiastic as Tori as the critical comments began pouring in.

“How do you explain this to your child?” Another commented: “Sorry. Not cute or funny.” A third added: “So evil. Playing as a killer.”

“Please don’t promote violence, I know it’s Halloween, but children don’t need to worship Chucky.”

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Is Tori Spelling Using Her Children To Gain Publicity?

Tori Spelling has always been a celebrity that raises a lot of controversies surrounding her choices in life. However, in recent weeks, Tori has made celebrity news headlines concerning her marital status to her husband, Dean McDermott.

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, Tori, and Dean divorce, speculation continues to build. Sources close to Tori and Dean claim that the marriage is over and has been for months now. In March, divorce rumors began picking up back after photographers spotted Tori at a farmer’s market, and reporters began snapping pictures of the former Beverly Hills 90210 star without her wedding ring. 

Along with the potential split rumors, Tori fueled the fire when she was also photographed after making some very drastic changes to her appearance. Spelling hit the town back in August, looking identical to Khloe Kardashian. While the Messiness star claims the comparisons are flattering, they were not intentional.

Spelling also recently raised eyebrows following her Instagram share on National Sons Day. Tori shared several pictures of her four boys praising them and their accomplishments. But one photo, in particular, sent many of her followers into a major rant. Tori shares a picture of herself and her sons Finn, 9, and Beau, 4, sharing a bubble bath. Fans began commenting, calling Spelling “inappropriate.”

Tori Spelling Instagram
Instagram Tori Spelling

One fan commented under the post: “I found some of these pictures a little disturbing”.

Another agreed, slamming the star “You mean no one feels as though it’s inappropriate to have that oldest boy in the tub about 10-12 no one finds that inappropriate that he’s in the bathtub with his grown mother”.

A third fan chimed in with: “All these people are only focused on whatever work she had done but want to dismiss her in a bubble bath clearly naked with her boys… that’s a bit more appalling than some Botox or plastic surgery.”

What are your thoughts on all the latest Tori Spelling controversy?


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