Gabby Petito Special: John Walsh ‘I Don’t Think That This Coward Has The Guts To Kill Himself’

Tonight ID airs John Walsh’s special on the murder of Gabby Petito and the alleged prime suspect at large, her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.  In this ID Special Report, Walsh enlists the network’s top legal and criminal analysts to piece by piece examine this bizarre story that left a young woman dead.

Walsh says: “I don’t think that this coward has the guts to kill himself.”

Moderated by Emmy-award-winning journalist Sukanya Krishnan, Walsh is joined by Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, Daryn Carp, Michelle Sigona, and Elaine Aradillas, rounding out IDs assembled panel of experts.

The network has a unique partnership with One Love to reveal the warning signs of relationship abuse.

About the special with John Walsh

The shocking disappearance and murder of 22-year-old Gabby Petito made headlines across America. Mainly for the bizarre circumstances of her disappearance and subsequent body search.

The moments from her final days filled the news feeds across the globe. Even her social media was dissected by investigators and public citizens. Some people felt that her race was a driving issue, but the strangeness of the case and Petito’s boyfriend’s brazen and overt actions along with his family shielding him are what most people fixated their interest on, how could this ever happen?

As Gabby’s case gripped the nation, her face was shown across every newspaper and news program, then the disturbing 911 call made on her behalf was released, and then the bodycam footage of a young woman in peril filled every screen.

As the search for her fiance and person of interest, Brian Laundrie, is the focus, the country wonders what happened to this young woman who was strangled and left for dead?

Investigation Discovery says:

GABBY PETITO: ID SPECIAL REPORT unleashes John Walsh and ID’s arsenal of experts to discuss the mystery surrounding Gabby’s tragic story. With never-before-heard commentary and perspectives from the most trusted names in the true-crime space, the team will analyze what happened in the field with the police, discuss the harsh reality of domestic violence, and the role of social media in feeding the firestorm. In taking a look into why Gabby’s story commands so much attention when thousands of missing BIPOC cases across the country are neglected and ignored, the special will also work to elevate additional stories of missing people that have not received the justice they deserve.”

Also on the special is One Love’s CEO, Katie Hood, appearing to spread awareness about the warning signs of relationship abuse.

“ID is, and always will be, America’s definitive destination for true-crime programming. For more than a decade, we have been the home of the cases you just can’t get enough of, and the Gabby Petito saga is no exception,” said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content in a press release to TV Shows Ace.

The panelists include victims’ rights advocate and host of In Pursuit with John Walsh John Walsh. Former Brooklyn homicide prosecutor and host of ID’s True Conviction, Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi. Certified professional coach/mentor for law enforcement and individuals interested in a career in law enforcement with more than 34 years of federal law enforcement experience, Rhonda Glover Reese. Host of PeopleTV’s Reality Check, expert true-crime podcaster, and host of an upcoming, unannounced ID podcast,” Daryn Carp. Also appearing is national crime television producer and reporter Michelle Sigona and ID’s People Magazine Investigates, Elaine Aradillas.

GABBY PETITO: ID SPECIAL REPORT on Wednesday, October 13 at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery

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