Blake Horstmann Shares More Insider ‘Bachelor’ Information

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Blake Horstmann shared a lot of information when he went on the Game Of Roses podcast. He shared more behind-the-scenes information than he has before. Blake has spoken out about the mental anguish being on the show put him through.

Blake said the first time he actually watched the show before going on Becca Kufrin’s season was when he watched Arie Luyendyk’s season before he went on. Blake shared the casting process took six months. He said it’s such a long process with phone calls and a questionnaire with three hundred questions. He said there are even questions like if you were an RA in college. They ask everything. Past contestants have revealed the producers hunted down their high school boyfriends and girlfriends. After that, the psychological testing starts.

Blake Horstmann Said Some Producers Resent Them

Blake Horstmann said the producers can resent cast members who make more money than they do as influencers. He said that can also influence the edits some of them get. Blake said the producers knew what they were going to do before he got there.

He said if he ever went on the beach again, he wouldn’t be able to bring down the walls. Blake said he has a ton of trust issues from the franchise. But, he also said never say never. He also revealed that the producer really hyped him up that Becca loved him and he was the one. After they did that, he went up to Becca and she broke up with him. Blake also shared that the producer who got him through The Bachelorette had a baby. He said she wasn’t there for BIP and maybe it would have been different if she was.

He said he’d seen producers look at him like he doesn’t deserve the money he makes from social media. According to Game of Roses, the host thinks they resent that they make more money being famous, and not because of their show. Blake shared his first Instagram post he got paid a lot for was Bumble, the dating app.

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He Weighed In On Pieper and Brendan

Blake Horstmann said looking at Pieper James and Brendan Morais they could have come back from what happened.  He said they had control, but they messed up. One reason is because of the way they treated Natasha Parker. He also doesn’t think they handled it very well on social media.

The host thanked him for being one of the members who really shared their feelings about the franchise. He said Blake pulls the curtain back more than anyone else probably ever will. Fans really loved the podcast too. One said, “Honestly, thanks for existing to get these seriously eye-opening interviews. The players from these seasons deserve to be the stars.” What do you think about Blake’s confessions? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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