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Yazmin Oukhellou Talks About Her Sexy Urges in Barely There String Bikini


TOWIE alum, Yazmin Oukhellou is turning heads on Instagram, yet again. The 27-year-old brunette beauty intrigued followers with a super sexy post today. Unfortunately, the post did not thrill all fans equally. Read on to find out what the British celeb did online that caused such a ruckus.

Yazmin Oukhellou Lets Her Ladies Out to Play

In true Yazmin style, the voluptuous reality celeb was showing off her curves on Instagram over the weekend, and leaving next to nothing to the imagination. The brunette reality fashionista is vacationing in Santorini, Greece, and posted a stunning snap of herself sitting in what appears to be a hotel lobby. Yazmin wore her long, dark hair pulled back out of her face and had a face full of a dewy, natural makeup look that featured luscious fake lashes and just a hint of pale pink lipgloss.

The celeb accessorized her sleek hair and a gorgeous face with … not much else. In fact, there was more fabric on the napkins on the table behind her than in her whole swimsuit, but, the celeb definitely has the physique to pull it off. Yazmin Oukhellou wore a teeny tiny string bikini. Despite barely existing, her swimsuit packed a huge punch in the pricetag.  Fendi logos covered the tiny swatches of her brown bathing suit top. The celeb’s ample bust was on public display and plenty of side-boob spilled out from the sides of the cups.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Her Body is Telling Her Yes, But Her Fans Are Telling Her, Hell No

In the caption of her post, Yazmin wrote, “My minds telling me no but my body……” She followed the trailing thought dots with a wink-face emoji. Obviously, the photo caption is a lyric from a famous 1990’s song, ‘Bump-n-Grind’ by R. Kelly. And, while people reference this song all the time, celebrity and otherwise, Yazmin’s fans took the opportunity to white-knight the post.

Found guilty of racketeering, sex trafficking, and manufacturing illegal adult content containing minors, R. Kelly has not been a popular celeb to support these days. While Yazmin is turning a coin of phrase about her body’s need to be naughty, her fans focused more on her ‘showing support’ for a man who has been charged with heinous crimes.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The comment section was buzzing with negativity directed toward the young influencer. “Hang on are you reciting an R. Kelly song who’s just been committed for sex trafficking little inappropriate there yaz,” wrote one follower.

“Probs not the best time to be quoting R Kelly,” said another.

One fan even insinuated that Yaz was potentially sharing content that might trigger some women suffering from mental health issues – “Where is your #worldmentalhealthday post. You can make a difference,” the user wrote accusingly.

After dozens of negative comments flooded her snap, a few of Yaz’s admirers did attempt to stand up for her. One fan even chastised the bullies for making baseless assumptions over an innocent song quote. “She just reciting a song chill out,” the fan wrote, “doesn’t mean she agrees with what he’s done.”

Surprisingly, despite the fact that Yaz was clearly being suggestively provocative with her choice of quote – which they normally enjoy – this time fans decided they needed to take issue with her photo caption.

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