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Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Disappear As Josh’s Trial Draws Near

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Former Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are navigating yet another one of their eldest son Josh’s scandals. For those who don’t know, over the years, Josh has gotten himself into lots of trouble. As a result, two of the families’ TV shows, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On have been canceled by TLC.

Fans and critics have been following this scandal closely and may know that Josh’s trial is right around the corner. On November 30, he will go to trial and could be charged for receiving and possessing child pornography. You can read more about his potential sentence here.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Disappear

Jim Bob and Michelle have taken a break from posting on social media. It’s interesting that they would disappear from social media around this time, given that Josh’s trial is growing closer. Plus, new details about his scandal keep surfacing. So, it looks like the family is trying to stay out of the headlines amid all of the Josh drama.

Throughout September, Jim Bob and Michelle shared lots of photos from their family’s trip. They visited Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful, and more.

Duggar Family Instagram, Jim Bob, Michelle
Duggar Family Instagram

Some might argue that the family stopped posting just because there’s less to post now that they are back from their trip. But they missed a very important social media post on Monday.

Johannah’s Birthday Ignored by Family

Jim Bob and Michelle’s absence on social media so far in October isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. While they do typically post more often, it’s only been about two weeks since they last shared something. And they have taken social media breaks in the past anyway. What’s more interesting is that their disappearance occurred around the time of Johannah’s sixteenth birthday.

Duggar family Instagram, Johannah Duggar courting
Duggar family Instagram

As we reported, the Duggar family failed to post anything about Johannah on her special day. Often, they will share posts dedicated to their kids, in-laws, and grandchildren on their birthdays. But a day later, no post has come. So, it looks like Johannah’s birthday celebration could be negatively impacted by Josh’s latest scandal and upcoming trial. This isn’t the first time amid the scandal they’ve missed a birthday. Or there could be a simpler explanation. Jim Bob and Michelle previously admitted to not knowing their kids’ birthdays.

So, do you think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s social media silence has anything to do with Josh’s trial? When do you think the family will fully return to social media? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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