‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin And Evan Stewart Reveal High-Risk Pregnancy Fears

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Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Evan Stewart are thrilled to be expecting their second baby together. The pair already shares one-year-old Layla Rae. She will get to be a big sister in 2022. Since announcing their pregnancy, Carlin and Evan have shared a few updates with fans. Carlin mentioned that her pregnancy is high-risk, but she didn’t give too much information about what was going on. Now, she and Evan have filmed a YouTube video about her pregnancy and why it’s considered high-risk.

Carlin and Evan Stewart share more details about the pregnancy.

On their family YouTube channel, the Bringing Up Bates stars opened up about Carlin’s pregnancy and what’s going on. Carlin previously thought she had two blood clotting disorders, however, her doctor has since diagnosed her with another one. She has Factor V, MTHFR Mutation, and PAI-1 4G/5G. With this pregnancy, she’s seeing a specialist as well as a high-risk doctor.

In the video, Carlin also reveals that the disorders were inherited from her dad Gil’s side of the family. She learned this when she was early in her pregnancy with Layla. As a result, she was put on two heparin (blood thinner) shots per day. This time, she’s not going to be on the shots throughout her whole pregnancy due to all of the side effects. But she will need to be given blood thinner shots for six weeks after the baby arrives.

Stewart Family Youtube
Stewart Family Youtube

Bringing Up Bates fans keep the family in their thoughts.

In response to Carlin and Evan’s update, fans are commenting and saying that they will keep the family in their thoughts and prayers. With Carlin’s pregnancy complications, they know things must be stressful right now. One fan writes, “I’m praying for a healthy Baby, and pray the lord will keep both Carlin and the baby safe.” Yet another fan says, “I’ll continue to keep Carlin in prayer about her pregnancy.” 

Someone else offers advice, writing, “Praying everything goes smoothly with this pregnancy and you have a super easy delivery and a healthy baby. Please rest, prop your feet up as much as you can and don’t lift heavy boxes. Layla is as pretty as a peach.”

Carlin Bates Instagram (Carlin Bates due date)
Carlin Bates Instagram

Though this is a difficult time for the couple, they are surrounded by loving fans and family members who can offer support. Hopefully, they will continue to share updates and keep fans in the loop about anything that happens during the pregnancy.

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You can watch the couple’s full video here.

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