‘Sister Wives’ Do Browns Stay In Arizona Or Move To Utah For Season 16?

Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans want to know if the Browns will stay in Arizona or move to Utah for Season 16. This question arises because of how Season 15 ended for the family. Keep reading to find out more.

What happened during Season 15 of Sister Wives

To say things ended on a rough note on Season 15 of Sister Wives would be an understatement. Things have been rocky between Kody and Meri Brown for a while. However, it now seems apparent that Kody Brown has more than one unhappy wife. At the end of Season 15, we see Christine break down as she admits that she “can’t do marriage with Kody anymore.”  At this point, it seems like the only relationships Kody enjoys are with his second wife Janelle and fourth wife Robyn.

One of the causes of growing tension between Kody and Christine Brown is the fact that Christine doesn’t want to live in Arizona anymore. Viewers learn that polygamy has been decriminalized in Utah. After Kody’s third wife learns this, she becomes very vocal about wanting to return to Utah. Kody addresses each of the wives about moving back to Utah, and Christine seems to be the only one that wants to go back.

Sister Wives christine Brown Youtube
YouTube TLC ‘Sister Wives’

Does this mean things are changing at Coyote Pass?

With none of the wives but Christine wanting to go back to Utah, maybe the Browns will make some progress on the Coyote Pass property? This seems more likely now than ever before. As fans know, Janelle Brown has been living on the property in an RV. This is because her rental house was recently sold.

'Sister Wives' stars Janelle and Kody Brown via YouTube
YouTube TLC ‘Sister Wives’

However, Entertainment Chronicle reports that there have been some financial issues with the Browns that have further delayed the Coyote Pass property One of the issues mentioned in the reports is that Kody Brown has been missing property tax payments. Entertainment Chronicle also reports that financial stress is one of the reasons why moving back to Utah might be in the best interest of the Browns.

Do you think the Sister Wives family is going to stay in Utah? Do you think there will be major changes in Kody Brown’s relationships? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday, November 21 for the Season 16 premiere of Sister Wives. 

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