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‘Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison: How Chumlee Helped Him Lose Weight

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Anyone who is watching the latest season of Pawn Stars is noticing how great Corey Harrison looks. Turns out he owes it to Austin “Chumlee” Lee Russell!

Recently, Corey revealed how Chumlee was right and may have even won the quiet competition between the childhood friends.

Pawn Stars Corey, Chumlee Battle Weight Loss

Pawn Stars  has been on TV for over a decade, with almost 600 episodes. Fans have seen childhood friends Chumlee and Corey Harrison deal with weight loss, as well as weight gain.

Back in 2014, Corey lost over 100 pounds by having the gastric band surgery. Turns out, a doctor visit scared him with a pre-diabetic diagnosis. That scared him into making a huge lifestyle change.

He went straight to the place where he could sign up for gastric band surgery. Thankfully, they were OK with dividing the cost of the surgery with four different credit cards. That may have been a challenge, but in the end, Corey lost 115 lbs.

After the pounds started to come off of Corey, Chumlee started his own program.  He lost 75 lbs by eating less and exercising more. Chum gave up fries for healthy food. He even made special smoothies for Rick on Pawn Stars.

However, by the time Chumlee went through his legal issues in 2016, his weight ballooned. His doctor told him to not stress out. But, that was easier said than done.

Pawn Stars, Rick, Corey-
Pawn Stars, Rick, Corey-

Corey Harrison’s Weight Rollercoaster

For several years, Corey Harrison seemed to have maintained his weight loss. However, things started to get bumpy when he married his now ex-wife Karina in 2017.

Although the couple seemed happy, the two did divorce in late 2018. To add a twist to this situation,  Corey and Kiki were expecting a baby boy, which they named after Corey’s late grandfather, Richard Harrison.

It seemed that the time was right for Corey to take care of himself again.

Back in 2019, Chumlee became a new man. Chumlee was noticeably thinner. This is all due to gastric sleeve surgery in 2018. In addition, he married to his now-ex-wife Olivia. Chumlee seemed to have renewed his passion for life. Corey seemed to take note.

He shared on a now-deleted Instagram post that he removed his lap band. Then they replaced it with a gastric sleeve. Turns out, Chumlee talked him into making the change. The difference was worth it, and the results show. Corey Harrison looks amazing.

Pawn Stars Corey Harrison-
Pawn Stars Corey Harrison-

Pawn Stars Corey Harrison Looks Like New Man

Right now, it looks like Pawn Stars Corey Harrison has a new lease on life. Could it be due to Chumlee? Back in 2014. Harrison revealed how his own weight loss inspired his childhood friend.

“Chumlee kind of thought we were gonna be fat guys together forever or something, and once I lost a bunch of weight, Chumlee all of a sudden starts losing weight, too,”

Maybe this time it was Chum’s turn to inspire? Either way, both men look amazing and both have a lot to be proud of. Weight loss is one of the most difficult things, and these two reality stars made it happen.

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