‘OutDaughtered’ Fan ATTACKS Danielle Busby, Adam Protects Her

Adam Busby - Danielle Busby Outdaughtered Instagram

OutDaughtered fans attacked Danielle Busby on Instagram recently, but her husband Adam was quick to protect her. Why did fans attack her? And, what did Adam Busby have to say in her defense? Keep reading for all the details.

Danielle Busby took a dump on Instagram recently

As we previously reported, Danielle Busby took a dump on Instagram recently. She shared a collection of photos from her recent mini-vacation with Adam. The two jetted off for a little alone time together. According to her post, she ventured to Charleston with her husband Adam. The photos suggested the couple were kid-free for the trip.

I seriously love this town. This town is full of old beauty, AMAZING FOOD (sharing a few of my fav in pics, and so many fun places to see. I had a blast traveling this town with friends.

Her caption revealed this wasn’t a romantic getaway for two. The OutDaughtered couple did a little traveling with some friends. And, it sounded as though they had a great time.

Adam Busby Instagram
Adam Busby Instagram

A fan attacks, Adam Busby defends

Unfortunately, Danielle and her husband Adam caught some heat in the caption. Turns out, OutDaughtered fans are a bit frustrated with all the trips Adam and Danielle take these days. Fans note they should be spending more time with their children and less time traveling.

One OutDaughtered fan attacked in the comments: “You spend a large amount of time without your children. Why aren’t you with them more?”

Adam Busby, along with 66 of Danielle’s followers, responded to the comment to clap back at the individual. Adam Busby noted that he and Danielle had no obligation to explain themselves and their decisions to someone they didn’t even know.

Adam Busby Instagram SS

He, however, proceeded to explain this was a trip they had planned a while ago. He noted they planned these trips while the girls are in school so getting care for them is easier. Moreover, he expresses how important it is for married couples to get time alone and away from their children.

Adam Busby is a strong believer of the fact that Danielle has to be his number one. So, they can work together to raise their beautiful girls. So, he finds it sad when he meets people that do not feel this way. He ended his clap back by encouraging the individual to consider working on their own marriage and family instead of attacking his.

Are you surprised this fan attacked Danielle Busby on her own Instagram profile? Does it make you happy that Adam was quick to rush to the defense of his wife? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the OutDaughtered family.

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  1. People need to quit worrying about if Danielle & Adam go on a trip with or without the girls!! I totally agree that they need time alone as well! Their relationship needs to be “fed” as well in order for them to be a healthy couple & healthy parents. When I say healthy, I mean 1) Time without kids 2) Time for just the two of them 3) Mental strength 4) Their emotional :. I?? myself could not ink* not getting at least a hour a day to myself. Not taking care of yourself has to be top priority for Mothers otherwise how can they be their best for their family?
    Danielle you are one hell of a Mother and wife!! 🥰 And…I think Adam coming quick to defend you only shows the bond that yall have together is real. 💯💗

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