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Whitney Way Thore’s Brother Is Cleary Upset Over Her New Man

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It’s no secret that Whitney Way Thore’s love life can be difficult. In Season 9, the new beau lives across the Atlantic. In addition, he wants to remain anonymous. Hence, his face is blurred, and his identity is the Frenchman.

Whitney Invites The Frenchman

The latest drama to occur, Whitney invites the Frenchman on the family vacation. Yep, let the crazy begin. Whitney invited the Frenchman on the family vacation to Maine. She stated. “We leave for Maine at the end of this week and I’m so excited for the trip,” She then goes on to add. “[I] can’t even understand that I’m also going to meet the Frenchman the way that the good Lord intended – no screens between us.” Her brother, Hunter, clearly objects to this idea. He is not happy about meeting her beau during the family vacation. Whitney and Hunter have words before Hunter exits abruptly.

Whitney way Thore Instagram
Whitney way Thore Instagram

Whitney’s Bad Choices

In the scope of things, Whitney does seem to have issues choosing the right guy. Before Mr. French, there was Chase. Even before that, the whole Buddy situation is a murky, “will they get together or won’t they.” But before that, there was Avi. Let’s take a break from Chase, his story is all over the internet. Avi Lang was involved with Whitney back in 2016. This lovely guy, said with sarcasm, wooed Whitney for about six months. He didn’t want to appear on camera either. Well, come to find out, he had a fiancée the entire time. Fast forward to Chase and cue Covid and cheating. Chase ended up sleeping with another woman while he and Whitney lived apart. He also fathered a child with said woman.

Whitney’s POV

Now, the Frenchman is in the picture. Whitney’s view of the invite was that other people invited friends so why not. As for Hunter, he feels this was not an appropriate move. The family would be meeting the new beau on their vacation. In addition, his whole thing could be a mess. The siblings have had their differences before, but this time Hunter stormed out. He and Whitney just don’t see eye to eye on this one.

Whitney Way Thore Instagram
Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Wait For The Drama

No matter how one looks at it, this vacation will be epic. Family and friends will meet the new guy during the vacation. That is if things go Whitney’s way. The personal interviews will be the highlight of the show. Of course, friends and family will be cordial and greet the stranger. However, there will be drama about the situation. Some may ask why is he there? Some may approach Whitney and ask what was she thinking? Either way, watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC to find out. 

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