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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz SLAMMED For Insensitive Post About Katie

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Tom Schwartz is shown as a lovable, but goofy, guy on Vanderpump Rules. So, why are fans SLAMMING him for his post about his wife, Katie? What did the Bravolebrity say to rile fans? Keeping reading for all the details.
Katie and tom Schwartz via Instagram
Katie and tom Schwartz via Instagram

Vanderpump Rules stars reunite with fired alums

If you’re watching Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, you may have noticed major cast changes. Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute and two newbies were fired after Season 8 due to their problematic racially insensitive behavior.

Married couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright announced a few months later that they were leaving the popular Bravo show to focus on their family. At the time, Brittany was expecting her first child. She welcomed Cruz Michael in April of 2021.

However, she wasn’t the only Vanderpump Rules star to get pregnant in 2020. In fact, there was a bona fide baby boom among the cast.

Shortly after her firing in June of 2020, Stassi revealed that she was around five months pregnant. She welcomed Hartford Charlie Rose with husband Beau Clark in January of 2021.

Two remaining VPR stars, Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, also had babies in 2021.

Though Stassi, Kristen, Brittany, and Jax are no longer on the show, they remain close friends with Tom Schwartz, Katie, and Lala. Unfortunately, it seems Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor were never able to repair their friendship.

Several OG Vanderpump Rules stars had a reunion over the weekend. Stassi Schroeder posted a photo on her Instagram Stories “auntie” Kristen, Brittany and Katie snuggling with Hartford.

Credit: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram
Credit: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram

Tom Schwartz Post About Katie SLAMMED as insensitive

It seems Tom Schwartz thought that the gathering was the perfect time to troll his wife. He shared a photo on his Instagram of Stassi holding Lala’s daughter, and Lala holding Stassi’s daughter, Hartford. In the middle of the photo is Katie Maloney-Schwartz, not holding a baby but making quite the displeased face.

According to Tom’s caption, he said “Bub, where’s yours?” right as he snapped the photo. Katie and Tom are among the few older Vanderpump Rules stars who don’t have children yet. The pair often say they want kids, but haven’t conceived yet, despite trying all summer.

Many fans speculate that the couple may having facing fertility issues.

With that in mind, many of Tom’s followers quickly took to the comment section to call him out for the photo on the caption. Many felt it was insensitive due to their fertility struggles. Very few of his followers found the caption funny, as you can see by some of the replies collected below:

  • Narrator: “it was at this moment, Thomas knew he had f*cked up”
  • That’s not nice
  • Not funny? I don’t see how this is funny?
  • No Tom, Noooo.
  • Caption is yikes
  • Wow hurtful…and you used to be my fav guy but sometimes you make these passive aggressive comments that seem intentional I feel
  • This isn’t the caption you think it is. During pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Do better Schwartz.
  • Wow..that rude to say to her!
  • There’s stories of women who weren’t able to get pregnant with their husbands and were diagnosed infertile, then easily got pregnant after they left their husband. Stress contributes. Just saying.

Despite the backlash, Tom Schwartz has yet to remove or change the caption.

Credit; Tom Schwartz/Instagram
Credit: Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s post last summer sparked pregnancy rumors

Katie Maloney married long-time boyfriend Tom Schwartz for the first time in 2016. However, the marriage wasn’t legal, as Tom lost the paperwork. The duo were married a second time in Las Vegas in 2019.

Tom Schwartz posted a photo on his Instagram back in April of 2020 that fans mistook as a pregnancy announcement. The photo featured Katie wearing of of her husband’s famous mumus with a “make it three” written on it.

Credit: Tom Schwartz/Instagram
Credit: Tom Schwartz/Instagram

However, it turns out Katie wasn’t pregnant, she just liked the shirt.

Do you agree with fans SLAMMING Tom Schwartz as insensitive for trolling his wife? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. It so sad the show shows Schwartz as a jerk toward his Bubba, he never stands up for her and is constantly throwing her under the bus. Come on dude be a man and stand up for your women and stop trying to shut her up by putting your hand over her mouth. No she is not perfect and neither are you, but the show also depicts you as an alcoholic. Do you ever not drink. As far as the other Tom he totally try’s to control everyone and thinks he is the only person with the right answers. Personally glad he is off the show.

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