Fans Upset With Dean Unglert Gushing Over ‘Bachelor’ Contestant

Dean Unglert, Instagram

Dean Unglert always shares a lot about his life and the franchise on his podcast Help! I Suck at Dating. Recently he shared something about his past. Dean openly admitted before meeting Caelynn he’d simply came to the beach to have fun.

Bachelor Nation learned an ex-girlfriend of his, Gabriela Windey would be on the newest season of The Bachelor. She’ll be in the running for Clayton Echard’s heart. It’s funny because Dean’s girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes competed for another professional athlete’s love as well. This would be Colton Underwood.

Dean Unglert Only Had Good Things To Say

Dean Unglert had great things to say about his ex Gabriela. As previously reported, Gabby is a nurse in Denver, Colorado, and a Denver Broncos cheerleader. Dean and the nurse dated when they were in college. He called her one of his main exes. Dean said producers called him to see what he thought about her.

Not only did he say she’d win the show, but if she didn’t she’d be the next Bachelorette. Dean said, “she was probably the second love of my life if you will.”

Dean Unglert, Instagram

Fans Didn’t Like The Things He Said

Fans were not happy about how Dean Unglert talked about his ex-girlfriend. According to Heavy, one fan said, “the way he talks about her makes me uncomfy.” Others thought it was disrespectful to Caelynn. One said, “there’s a lack of respect and awareness when he speaks about her publicly.”

They also pointed out how Dean doesn’t follow Caelynn and still follows Gabby. But like we reported, they don’t follow each other. However, it seemed more like Dean’s idea because he said he doesn’t want to be the BIP couple constantly posting about each other.

Dean Said Producers Tried To Convince Him To Propose

One follower said on a clip of the podcast, “on one hand you have his ex-girlfriend who he can’t stop talking about how much he respects her and he actually follows her not to mention all of the hype here. Then you have Caelynn who he doesn’t follow, says all kinds of disrespectful things about ( just do a google search), just bragged about in the same podcast about how they tried to convince him to propose to her.”

Dean Unglert, Instagram

What Dean did say was the producers wanted him to propose while they did a guest appearance on BIP. While he’s not as against marriage as he used to be, the two are in no rush. They have a place together now in Las Vegas and lots of fans thought they looked absolutely in love during their appearance. What do you think about Dean’s gushing? How do you feel about them not following each other on social media? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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