Chris Randone Is Moving On From Painful Past

Chris Randone and his wife Krystal Nielson parted ways in 2020. He’s just now recovering from it. He has been mingling with the Bachelor nation crew. He went to a party for Victoria Fuller and has hung out with Kelsey Weier, Spencer Robertson, and others, according to US Weekly.

Both Randone and Krystal had memorable stints on Bachelor and Bachelorette. Krystal insulted Arie Luyendyk after he took all the girls out instead of just the winners of a bowling challenge. She had a full on-camera melt-down. Chris fought with lead Becca Kufrin and other men on the show before being sent home. When they met on BIP, they bonded over their similar stories.

The couple shared they were splitting on Valentine’s Day with a message to fans. They said, “Never did we imagine this scenario.” They went on to say they had to work on themselves. After the split, Nielson announced she was pregnant with her boyfriend Miles Bowles’ baby.

Were There Signs According to Chris Randone?

According to US Weekly when asked if he was surprised, Chris admitted he wasn’t. He said, “There were moments where there were either warning signs or there were just mixed signals.” The post he shared on Instagram recently showed he’s ready to move on. It said, “Posting back on Instagram because for once I’m happy in my life again.”

Chris Randone, Instagram

On the post, Victoria Fuller said, “Love this for u! Also, HBD to me.” There were a few pictures of her celebration including one of them at a long table with Kelsey Weier, Natasha Parker, and several others. Another showed him hanging out and drinking in a vineyard. Chasen Nick said, “Time heals everything. Proud of you.”

He Didn’t Love Everyone’s Comments

Chris Randone didn’t appreciate the fans that thought he was coming out with his post. He said, “I forgot this is why I don’t f*** with Instagram. Being happy doesn’t mean gay. It’s called overcoming depression and anxiety.” He went on to say he got divorced during a pandemic from someone he loved who was pregnant with another man’s baby. He needed the time to heal.

Chris Randone, Instagram

Fans supported this comment as well. One said, “Ignore the negativity, people are so unhappy with their lives they have to bring others down when they’re finally happy.”

Another said, “Thank you for normalizing taking the time to heal! I’m so glad you found your smile again!”

A third said, “You went through so much and came out of it all being stronger than ever! I wish you nothing but the best Chris!”

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