‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Gets His Cash Ready For What’s Coming

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison

Pawn Stars frontman Rick Harrison gets his cash read for what’s coming next. Keep reading to find out what’s going on.

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison gets his cash ready for what’s coming

Rick Harrison recently takes to Instagram to share a photo with his fans. In the picture, Rick is looking into a black leather briefcase that appears to have a light coming out of it. Next to the briefcase, there is a sizeable stack of cash. The Pawn Stars frontman looks intrigued while looking into the case. But, what does it mean?

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison
Instagram Rick Harrison

Unfortunately, the picture nor the caption give away what’s going on. From the looks of the caption, it seems like this photo is simply a promotion for tonight’s episode of Pawn Stars. The caption reads, “I never know what’s going to walk through the front [door]. All NEW episode of Pawn Stars tonight.”

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison
Instagram Rick Harrison

Fans respond to Rick’s post

The comment section doesn’t give away what’s to come either. Fans are happy to see that there is a new episode of Pawn Stars tonight. One fan gives some advice about what to do with the briefcase.  “Do not look directly into Ark of the Covenant.”

Another fan relates to Rick Harrison. They write, “That’s the same feeling I get Every time I open a new auction Unit. I even Found ‘Real Trrasure’! You Really.. Never know.”

What kind of money will the History Channel star spend

Here’s an example of what type of things come into the pawnshop and how much money Rick is willing to spend on rare, unique items. Most recently Rick Harrison makes headlines over a ring gun that came into the shop. The owner wanted to sell his rare firearm for $9k. However, Rick consults his firearms expert, Tony, and counters with $3K. After some back and forth, the pawnshop owner considers risking $7K. The gun’s owner comes down on his asking price and counters at $8.5K. Ultimately, there is no deal.

The pawnshop owner keeps busy with other business ventures.

From the looks of the Pawn Stars star’s Instagram page, he’s been very busy. Just the other day, Rick was behind the bar at Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ and Tavern. For fans that don’t know, the tavern is right next door to the pawnshop.

What do you think is in store for Rick Harrison on Pawn Stars? Share your guess with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more reality television news.

Make sure to tune into the History Channel tonight at 9/8 c for a new episode of Pawn Stars. 


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