Jamie Otis Breaks Down On YouTube: What’s Wrong With Her?

Jamie Otis YouTube

Jamie Otis had an emotional breakdown in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel recently. What is going on with the MAFS alum? What is wrong with her? Keep reading, we’ll share what we know.

The MAFS alum often shares lots of happy family photos on social media. Fans think this reality celeb has everything together and figured out. Unfortunately, her recent tear-filled video reveals that that is just not the case.

Jamie Otis Combats Imposter Syndrome On Youtube

Jamie and her husband, Doug Hehner, have a vlog channel on Youtube. Their channel, Hanging with the Hehners, regularly features videos about Jamie’s family life, their marriage, travels, and most recently the couple’s decision to sell their home and move into an RV.

Married At First Sight - Jamie Otis Instagram
Married At First Sight – Jamie Otis Instagram

In a very emotional video, a bleary-eyed, no makeup-wearing Jamie Otis sits down in front of her camera to share the reality of what’s going on with her mental health. The former reality dating celeb realizes that pretty pictures and fun happy videos give viewers the impression that her life is going well. She acknowledges that those who are seeing her content are under the impression that her marriage is on the mend, and that everything is under control. Unfortunately, Jamie reveals in her video that she doesn’t want to pretend to be anything she isn’t.

You can watch the full video of what Jamie Otis had to say on her YouTube channel down below:

Getting Candid About Her Mental Health

During her nearly five-minute video, Jamie levels with fans about the fact that while their decision to move into an RV might end up being the best thing for them… Right now, she’s not so sure. The mother-of-three says that she has been feeling absolutely “overwhelmed” by the process. And, there are times — like now — that she isn’t sure if she is making the best decisions for her family.

In addition to the move causing her to feel overwhelmed and anxious, the reality star is also fighting to improve her marriage with Doug Hehner. The celeb reveals in her video that they are going to couple’s therapy together and while it has helped immensely — the problems don’t just disappear. All of these issues have added to her less than perfect mental health right now. She, however, levels with her fans again. That isn’t really why she made this video. So, why did she decide to get so raw and candid with her followers?

Turns Out, Jamie Otis Is DONE Being Fake 

Why did Jamie Otis take the time to put her business out there on a public platform? Fortunately, she did answer that question in her video.

Jamie Otis via Instagram
Jamie Otis via Instagram

She wants her fans to know that she’s not perfect. In her video, she says that she realizes that many women, including herself, often judge themselves against what they see other women accomplishing. This reality TV alum says that even though she might put up pretty pictures and share happy moments of her family’s life… She never wants to cause other women to feel bad because of how “perfect” her life appears.

Did you appreciate Jamie Otis for sharing her emotional breakdown on YouTube? Do you understand what she is going through or why she decided to come forward with this information? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Jamie and her family.

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  1. Not necessary to share your public life with Youtube…..no one’s business and you do not need to share your
    inner thoughts with total strangers as if you owe them that…..do what you have to do, like the rest of us that have
    struggles from time to time, but keep it private…..I would only think after this video you just might be very
    embarrassed….or were you waiting for sympathy to boost your morale???….sorry you had to go to this extreme….
    hope you find some peace along the way and can get out of your dark place…

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