‘Manifest’ Season 4 Begins Filming in November 2021, Behind The Scenes

Netflix show Manifest Season 4 begins filming in November 2021

A couple of months ago, fans of Manifest were thrilled when Netflix renewed the series for Season 4. We know that a super-sized fourth and final season is coming our way. However, we are, of course impatient, wanting to know when we will get to binge the final season. We are now happy to report some good news, that Manifest is set to start filming in November 2021. Read on to find out what we know so far and to also see some behind-the-scenes clips from the last season.

Manifest Season 4 starts filming next month

Manifest was set to be canceled, but due to the huge popularity of the series, Netflix took it over from its former network NBC. This came after the show was added to the streaming channel and quickly became a huge hit. At that time, we were promised a final and super-sized Season 4 of the sci-fi drama.

Hulu and Peacock are dropping Manifest after Netflix renewal for Season 4
[Image @nbsmanifest/Instagram]
Until now, only a broad fall 2021 filming start had been confirmed for Season 4. However, now a number of production schedules have reported that the fourth season of Manifest is about to start pre-production and production. In fact, we are thrilled to report that filming will begin in November 2021, although no set date has been revealed by Netflix.

Meanwhile, ProductionWeekly also went on to suggest that Season 4 will film in New York, where the previous seasons were filmed.

About Season 3

Fans may recall that Season 3 of Manifest was filmed in November 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19  pandemic. This was at a time when vaccines were not yet widely available. The NY Times quoted someone on the crew as saying it was a “little bit like playing Russian roulette, all the time.”

Netflix show Manifest Season 4 begins filming in November 2021
Behind the scenes of Manifest [Image NBC4 Columbus/YouTube]
Everyone on the set had to wear masks and also received “color-coded bracelets or lanyards” to reveal in which part of the crew they were. As for the November 2021 filming, it is unknown how strict the health and safety procedures will be.

Just for fun, readers can enjoy some behind-the-scenes clips published by NBC4 Columbus. This is something rare for Manifest and allows fans to learn more about the show’s filming process. We include the video below.

When can we expect Season 4 of Manifest on Netflix?

The series creator, Jeff Rake has mostly been inactive on Twitter since the announcement was first made about Season 4. Hopefully, this means he is hard at work with his creative team. In fact, busy getting everything together for the super-sized fourth and final season. His last Twitter post celebrated the fact that Manifest had been in the Netflix top 10 for 100 days.

At this stage, it is impossible to guess when Season 4 of Manifest will finally drop on the streaming channel. However, we will keep you updated as and when any news is received about the Netflix series.

Readers, are you excited about the fourth and final season of Manifest? Sound off in the comments below.

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