James Bonsall, Aaron Clancy, Instagram

The Bromance Continues For James Bonsall And Aaron Clancy

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James Bonsall and Aaron Clancy were in the very beginning of their relationships with Anna Redman and Tia Booth. When it came time to say goodbye to Bachelor in Paradise, however, they only needed each other.

Inseparable for their time on the beach, the two left together while Tia yelled, “I’m glad you found what you were looking for.” A TikTok showed them together at a bar watching the finale and James carrying Aaron on his back to mimic their final scene.

James and Aaron were both on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. They both were sent home on the same night along with another BIP favorite Tre Cooper. Their time on the beach was spent courting more than one lady. Aaron started with Tammy Ly who moved on to Thomas Jacobs. He then spent some time with Chelsea Vaughn before surprising everyone by making out with Tia. James started courting Tia and then had a one-on-one with Anna Redman. Ultimately Aaron and James decided their relationship was the one that mattered as they happily left together.

James Bonsall Was Very Open With Aaron

James Bonsall told Anna he didn’t think he could fall in love with her. Aaron hadn’t talked to Tia yet but when James said, “We gotta ride out together,” he agreed. He told Tia he cared about her, but James was waiting for him.

James said according to Bustle, “I came in here looking for a big love story, and I just found a best friend.” They’ve continued the bromance in San Diego, moving in together and remaining besties.

James Bonsall, Aaron Clancy, Instagram

Aaron Shared His Love On Instagram

In the above picture of James Bonsall and Aaron, Clancy called him a brother for life. He said, “dudes as solid as the base of the great pyramid. We got each other’s six on some gang sh**.” Fans really enjoyed their relationship and even said it was one of their favorite things about the season. James replied, “always got ur 6 bro…. That’s just facts.” Facts is a term that Aaron used a lot on the beach. While he did have a hot temper, fans forgave him once he goofed off with James.

Connor Brennan said, “the boys are back in town baby.” A fan said, “Should co-host a bachelor season together.” Fans really did want them to find love. Another commented, “Me: whoever leaves with James or whoever leaves with Aaron… they’re the winners for sure. “*leave together* y’all won.”

Wells Adams also loved the two’s relationship. He said he needed more James and Aaron back and forth. Wells said it was the bromance we didn’t know we needed.

How do you feel about the bromance? Do you think it will last longer than some of the other relationships? Comment with your thoughts below.

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