‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Erin Paine Reveals Exciting News: See Video

Bringing Up Bates, Chad & Erin Paine YouTube

Bringing Up Bates stars Chad and Erin Paine have been very busy! The couple is raising their four children, Carson, 6, Brooklyn Elise, 5, Everly Hope, 3, and Holland Grace, 2. They recently announced that they are expecting their fifth child despite Erin’s health concerns. She had multiple surgeries last year and has had hormonal issues. However, she’s very excited to be pregnant and is looking forward to welcoming another baby to the world soon.

Though the family has had a lot going on with their four kids and another on the way, they have been working on something behind the scenes. Now, they’re excited to finally reveal the news to Bringing Up Bates fans. So, what has the couple been working on?

Chad & Erin Paine Instagram, Bringing Up Bates
Chad & Erin Paine Instagram

Bringing Up Bates stars debut a new product.

Erin took to YouTube on Thursday to announce that she and Chad designed a new product, and now it’s for sale. In the description of the YouTube video, Erin excitedly writes, “Many of you have asked about our new products and we’re super excited to officially have them live on our website!”

Chad & Erin Paine YouTube
Chad & Erin Paine YouTube

In the video, Erin shows off a set of ABC memory cards on a binder ring. She talks about the product and how she uses the cards herself. The Bringing Up Bates star explains the importance of the cards and scripture, in general, for raising her kids.

On their website, Erin and Chad already have the cards listed. The product listing reveals that the cards are made of cardstock and are double laminated.

The product listing reads, “We realize how important it is to teach your children what is wrong and right throughout each day, but we feel it is even more important to give them a foundation that is from God’s own word. We wanted to find specific verses that would correlate with different negative behaviors our children portray at times, and be able to replace it with God’s truth.”

Chad & Erin Paine YouTube
Chad & Erin Paine YouTube

The description continues, “There is a paraphrase on the back for the little hearts (age 2-5), as well as more in depth questions for those (age 5+). It is our desire that you would take the time to teach these verses to your child, and utilize them in your day-to-day parenting. We would encourage you to start asking thought-provoking questions to help you understand the heart of your child and help them align their heart with God’s, using scripture as a tool. You will never regret taking the time to invest in eternity – especially when it is your little one. You’re equipping them with everything they need.”

You can watch the full promotional video here.

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